The Best 5 Hands In Online Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments and video slots are very popular in both online and land-based casinos. However, if you wish to become a professional casino player, then poker should be your first choice. Poker tournaments are known to have very high stakes that can soar sky-high easily, and you can be a millionaire in a moment. If you like to try video slots without spending any money, you can try the free video slots in several casinos online. But you have to play poker using money. So many players participate in various online poker competitions where they can win some money.

However, it is not easy to master the hands in poker, and it takes lots of practice to play like a professional. But certain tricks can help you in having an advantage over your opponent. Moreover, there are some great poker hands, and if you can land them, you can win some big money. If you have never played poker before, then read this article till the end. Learn of the best poker hands.

Best Hands in Poker

Although there are several good hands in poker, your opponent can always get a better hand and beat you. But there are 5 card combinations or hands that are almost unbeatable, and if you get them, then your opponent will surely lose the round. These 5 poker hands are as follows:

  • The Royal Flush. The Royal Flush is the most excellent poker hand as no other hand combination can defeat it. Thus if you can get the Royal Flush, then you will surely win. The Royal Flush contains Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10. You need to get all the same suit cards, and there are only 4 Royal Flush in a card deck. The Royal Flush is a type of Straight Flush; it can defeat all other types of Straight Flushes. Moreover, if the cards are not in numerical order, then it won’t be a Royal Flush.
  • The Straight Flush. The Straight Flush in poker has 5 successive cards of the same suit like 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 of a single card suit. All the cards should be of the same colour suit, and you have to get them one after another. In every card deck, there can be a maximum of 40 Straight Flushes. The ranks of the Straight Flush are decided by the maximum card that you have in that flush and not the entire suit. If there are more than two players who have got Straight Flushes, then the player with the high-ranking card in the flush will be declared the winner. The Straight Flush poker hand can win over the Four of a Kind poker card hand.
  • Four of a Kind. For the Four of a Kind poker hand, you have to get 4 cards of equal rank from diverse suits. Thus it can be 4 K’s or 4 Q’s etc., but the highest Four of a Kind hand is the 4 Ace’s. In Four of a Kind hands, the ranks are determined according to the denomination of the cards. Thus if you have got 4 K’s and the opponent has got 4 J’s, then you shall defeat his hand. Moreover, the 5th card will also matter if two players have got the same Four of a Kind poker hand. Further, there are 624 Four of a Kind poker hand combos achievable in a 52 cards deck. The Four of a Kind hand can win over the Full House hand.
  • Full House. The Full House poker hand is the combo where you have to land 3 equal rank cards along with 2 other cards of similar ranks. Thus it can be 3 K’s and 2 Q’s or 3 J’s and 2 10’s. The Ace Full of Kings or 3 Ace’s and 2 K’s is the most powerful Full House, and it can defeat all other Full House hands. Here also, the denomination or ranks of the cards matter in coming to a decision about the winner. There are 3,744 Full House combos possible in a card deck. The Full House poker hand can defeat the flush hand.
  • Flush. In Flush poker hand, you have to get 5 cards of a similar suit but can be in any numerical order. Thus as long as they are of the same suit, you will get a flush. So the A, K, 5, 3, and 2 flushes of diamonds have the same value as A, K, 5,3, and 2 of clubs. Although the suit does not matter, the ranks of the cards on hand do matter if both players have the flush poker hand. There can be 5,108 Flush combos in a deck, and the highest-ranking one is A, J, 10, 3, and 2.

These are the top 5 poker hands that can win over any other poker hand combinations. However, it is not easy to land them, and you should play using some good strategies.

Tips to Win Online Poker

There are several tips that can help you a lot in winning poker matches and tournaments. Some of them are as follows:

  • Be ready for a lengthy poker session. If you are playing online poker with low buy-ins, then the match can go on for several hours. So you should always be prepared before starting the match as if you get up midway, you will lose track of the cards.
  • Play few cards but aggressively. If you start the poker match with too many hands, you will have to use up all your chips. So you can use fewer hands but play them aggressively as it will confuse your opponent in deciding your actual hand.
  • Bluff your opponents tactfully. If you want to win poker tournaments, the most significant criterion is you have to learn to bluff your opponents successfully. Moreover, you should never overdo it so that your opponent can’t call the bluff easily. You should let the cards decide whether you are going to bluff the round or not. Be careful because if your bluff is caught, you will lose lots of money.

If you follow these tips, you can easily win most of the poker matches without any worries.

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