The Best Games You Can Play with Your Pregnant Pet

Caring for a dog that’s about to give birth isn’t easy. Usually, issues occur when dogs become more sluggish, stressed, or in pain.

However, we at BarkingTalk assure canine owners that it can be a more bearable experience for everyone. With the best games you can play with your pregnant pet, you can create the right environment at home for your dog.

Top Games You Can Play with Your Pregnant Pet

Physical Activity

Even when they’re pregnant, dogs can still engage in physical games and exercise. In fact, the lack of activity is what often causes complications during pregnancy.

Outdoor Games

Pregnant dogs need regular walks just as much as those that aren’t about to birth puppies. In fact, in the first 30 days of pregnancy, they can even play fetch or other games. Just make sure not to overwhelm them or expose them to any aggressive play.


If your dog swam regularly before getting pregnant, you can still allow some diving and paddling activity. Experts say that it is safe for dogs to swim for almost two months into gestation. Just make sure that these activities are supervised and that your dog has known to swim prior to her pregnancy.


When expecting, a dog’s health is as much in need of critical care as any other pet. Massaging is an important physical activity for dogs in need of medical attention. Not only is it good for their joints, but it also affords a much-needed sense of calm and comfort.

Indoor Games

If the weather is too harsh or as the pregnancy reaches its advanced stages, your dog would be better inside. Nonetheless, there’s no shortage of in-house play to keep them occupied.

From light roughhousing to a trip on the treadmill, they can stay entertained. Plus, you can even keep them busy with puzzles and other interactive games. This not only prevents stress and boredom but keeps your dog aware and mentally at its peak during this time.

Feeding Activities

Pregnant dogs require suitable nutrition to nourish themselves as well as their growing littler. A common issue that owners of pregnant pooches sometimes face is a lack of appetite among their pets. This can get worse as the puppies’ birthday comes closer.

Games like food finding or using treats as rewards can help bolster positive feeding habits. Giving them more attention during feeding and making mealtime more fun is more or less guaranteed to nurture healthy eating.

In Closing

Pregnancy can take a lot out of any dog as well as their owners, especially for first timers. But making this a manageable experience is still important. Usually, not responding well to your dog’s change in lifestyle is what can cause the most problem.

But maintaining an active itinerary can still revive your dog’s playful spirit as it prepared to give birth. The point of the best games you can play with your pregnant pet is to keep it healthy and distracted.

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