The Best Gifts You Can Get

“My boy lives in Japan with his mother and step dad. He sent me this wonderfully wrapped gift bought with his own money…”

“My cat Chuck has been missing for over 6 weeks. He showed up today on the front porch. I’ve never had nor witnessed a Christmas miracle until now. Best. Gift. Ever!”

“After trying for 16 months, BAM! Identical twin boys! Gave my husband the best Valentine’s Day gift ever.”

“The best Christmas gift ever…”

“Merry Christmas! This guy asked me to marry him earlier this year. He’s the best gift.”

“My son leaves for college tomorrow and just gave me his beloved ’Old Horsey.’ Here’s a picture of what it looks like today, and what it looked like 18 years ago.”

“I believe it has become real.”

“For my thirtieth birthday, my girlfriend commissioned this portrait of me, our birds, and a pinball machine. This is the best gift that anyone has ever gotten me, ever.”

“Today my wife bought me the best gift she will ever get me.”

“My son and I riding on my fifty-fifth birthday — best gift ever!”

“My grandmother passed away a year ago this April, and as a gift, my boyfriend found a card she gave me a while back and had her signature engraved on this necklace. I have all of the feels!”

“My boyfriend surprised me with my dog Ollie on a blanket! Seriously, it’s the coolest gift ever.”

“My friends gave me a certificate to a tattoo parlor and I really wanted to fix a mistake from my childhood. I didn’t know it would turn out so cool!”

“This is the perfect gift. The full Harry Potter book collection! And my boyfriend somehow got them inscribed with the date we found each other!”

“I was literally moved to tears when my daughter gave this to me. My kids are my whole world. This is the reason I became a father, for moments like this. Priceless…”

“For Christmas last year, I got my Alzheimer’s-stricken grandma this hat as a gift. She thought it was really fashionable and still wears it around all the time.”

“My friend gave me this for my birthday. I was very surprised and absolutely happy.”

“My friend gave me the Game of Thrones necklace on my birthday!! The best birthday gift ever!”

“The day I gave my husband his pup — it’s one of my favorite pictures of him.”

“Received a family heirloom today, a Hamilton 946 from 1905. It was used by my great-great-grandfather while working for the railroad after coming to America from Norway. I’m pretty excited about it and wanted to share!”

“This is what my adult daughter gave me for Father’s Day. Brought a tear to my eye.”

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