The Best Products Of The Week

A really awesome ergonomic chair that you can sit on for long periods of time and it won’t break the bank

Journaling is seriously LIFE-CHANGING and something I can almost guarantee will transform your life in a positive way

Ladies and gents…. I’d like to introduce to you the best $50 bucks ever spent. This powered cleaning tool has cleaned more stuff than I can list in the last few days…. Tile, grout, sinks, stove/oven, dishwasher…. seriously, you name it!

Great alternative to having a disgusting toilet brush that you have to constantly reuse…its easy, deep cleaning, toss-away-after-you’re-done type contraption

Take you steak to the next level with coffee rub! It makes a great crust/bark and really compliments the flavor of beef

Quick, efficient and easy way to overcome the midday slump

This is a step up from the standard toothbrush. It’s small and compact. Has micro-vibrations to make brushing more effective and it’s reasonably priced

A highly detailed account of the creation of the atomic bomb. The story was told from multiple angles with scientific, historical, and biographical but it all connects to deliver a monumental epic

The Best Headphones At The $150 Price Point. The sound is quite good, they’re extremely comfortable and the build quality is excellent

Moccamasters are beautiful machines that will last many, many years and it makes the best tasting at-home coffee of anything you will ever use

These drinking glasses are extremely durable and nearly unbreakable. They can withstand a drop from table height to a wooden floor without breaking

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