The Best Tools For Any Home Improvement Enthusiast

Many DIYers don’t have a huge shop with dedicated space for everything they will ever need. If you want to focus on just the necessities when it comes to basic home improvement tools, this list is for you.

Oscillating Multitool – The versatility of this tool is awesome! Cuts through cable, air ducts, downspouts, plasterboard and pipes… sands down cement, concrete, stone, plaster, tile adhesive, paint and wood.

Impact driver – Frankly I would rather have an impact then a drill. For me it is more useful then an actual drill. An impact can be used to drill after all.

Sawzall – I use it for everything from pruning trees/bushes and cutting roots (pruning blade) to cutting PVC, drywall, etc…

Self Leveling Laser – They’re very handy, especially when you want a line across a wall, or down the floor.

No contact voltage tester – If you EVER have a question about whether something is electrically charged or not, you need a multimeter. Out of my electrical tools, it’s the one I use the most often. The thought of all these people out here, flipping a breaker and working on their electrical, just hoping for the best…

Keep in mind that most non contact testers have limitations on the voltages they will detect, for example AC under 50V and DC voltages aren’t detected and that’s where a multimeter comes in.

Angle Grinder – Cut/shape tile, backer board, bricks, cinder blocks, stucco, granite, metal, cast iron/galvanized pipe etc… Also, clean rusty metal (wire) and other things with wire wheel.

Air Compressor – You can use ultimately set it up as a paint sprayer, inflate your own car and bike tires, blow the lint out of the dryer duct, blow the dust off lamp shades and window blinds, blow out your electronics/tools or just whatever, nevermind all the tools you could hook up to it

Mattock – 10,000 times easier than a shovel for most work digging out/up landscaping, breaking ground, trenching, etc. especially if your yard has lots of rock in the soil or heavy clay

Stud Finder – You can only tap on your walls so many times before every spot starts to sound the same

Contour Gage – Makes a stencil for the contours of what you are working on.

6 in 1 Painter Tool I use it to remove all of the old paint (along with a heat gun), dig out old putty and wood filler, and spread new filler. It’s shape allows me to get into tight corners. This tool is invaluable for this job. I would recommend it to anybody.

Head Lamps – Gives you light where you need it most of the time freeing your hands for other things. Very convenient for just about any plumbing or electrical project

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