The Biggest Food Fails On The Net

“My Caesar salad. Fortunately, I wasn’t hungry.”

“I decided to present to you my croissant.”

“$40 meal from room service”

“What was that supposed to be??” © Zikamiri757 / Reddit

“A burger.” © Extro_Vert / Reddit

“Bought a 4-pack of frozen pretzels. Only got 2 and about 17 salt packets.”

“This is why you check your food before you leave the restaurant…”

““Gyro” seems like a bit of an overstatement.”

“Where are my strawberries?”

“We bought a burger to heat it up in the microwave and this is what was inside…”

“It tastes worse than it looks.”

“So, I ordered a salad…”

“So much pain in this photo…”

“I went out to eat at a popular restaurant, and the waitress served me with just a single spoon. I asked for complete cutlery, but she got angry and came back with the second frame.”

“Lol, this is an orange peeler.” © emmanysammy02 / Twitter

“The saddest takeaway and grimmest Mozzarella sticks I’ve ever ordered.”

“Loving it! Got some McDonalds last night in London and it was moldy. I ordered a Big Mac not a McMold.”

“Looks like something’s missing.”

“I ordered some lunch.”

“I know it’s airline food, but sweet United Airlines, why would you let someone pay $10 for this?”

“The sushi at this buffet”

“So I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with barbecue sauce and they gave me no bacon or buns.”

“This deluxe Parma pizza”

“This is my lunch.”

“Not quite what I was led to expect.”

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