The Coolest Lamp For Any “It” Fan

This Pennywise balloon lamp is a real must-have for all IT fans

“Relax knowing that an evil ancient clown is watching you,” Firebox pitches the item to the buyer and gives a fair warning: “Contact the police if the balloon starts drifting away”.

“Terrify any poor guests in your home with this spooky lamp. A near identical replica to the one from the films, this red balloon casts a surprisingly ambient glow over everything in the room. It would almost be relaxing if its presence didn’t indicate that you’re being watched by an evil clown.”

So if you’re excited about the upcoming It Chapter 2, then you can definitely snatch one to celebrate the premiere. Or, if you’re a fan of creepy home decor that might look completely normal to the inconspicuous, then this particular balloon might just be IT.

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