The Coolest Products You Should Buy This Weekend

I don’t often praise the virtues of a trash can but this one is vastly superior. It is designed really well—doesn’t get fingerprints or smudges, has a soft close lid, a rim around the top to hide the edge of the bag and it makes the mundane, necessary experience as enjoyable as possible

Top notch cordless vacuum cleaner. The vacuum is quiet, light, easy to maneuver and has a strong suction. It gives the Dyson a run for its money

As someone who makes kale shakes everyday, this personal blender is a godsend. It has a powerful motor that will make short work of frozen fruits and the blending quality is on par with midrange full-sized blenders

A curved curtain rod on your shower makes a huge difference and the extra space it gives you is amazing!

The Beer Snob’s Perfect Companion. This thing keeps beer fresh for several days without degregation in quality

I thought these things were stupid…until I got one. Now I love it. Helps me hold my phone more securely which I appreciate. Also serves as a great kick stand when you want to watch videos

This should be an essential part of any home gym. They bring challenge, intensity, pain and willpower testing similar to what weights bring. Do a full sprint for 20 seconds on one, then you’ll know why.

If you are in the market for an air-matress, look no futher. This one offers the best combination of comfort, customer service, and owner satisfaction

Arguably one of the best guitar tuners out there and its built like a tank. They are built to last years of abuse

If you are lifting heavy ass weights, strongly consider getting knee sleeves. They keep your knees warm between sets, and helps keep the tendons and ligaments compressed, helping with stability in the lift overall

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