The Craziest Mike Tyson Quotes Of All Time

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  1. Boxing has been boring to me since Mike Tyson is no longer fighting… You need this kind of crazy to make it interesting.

  2. Mike Tyson is a fak’n fagot.

  3. Just absurd.. #12 might be my alltime favorite

  4. you make this jokes bcz he’s moslem. like MJ before, there’s a rumor he moved to islam, and everyone make fun of him.
    dont be stupid that i’ll believe this was came out from his mouth

  5. I remember years ago reading an article in USA Today where Tyson received an honorary doctorate in Humanities from some college

  6. I disappointed that “I’ll fuck you til you love me faggot!” isn’t here.

  7. That’s why I’m on the Zoloft too!

  8. OMG Many of these posts comments dont make sense?! Give the guy a break and prevent posting crap

  9. yo what the fuck man those wer hilarious but pretty harsh at times , not really cool sorta

  10. Mike Tyson is a pussy

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