The Creepiest Photos Around The Net

“Artist With Dementia”

“A Friend Went For A Walk The Other Night And Saw This Woman Just Standing On A Roof”

“Famine Memorial In Dublin”

“Xylaria Polymorpha Is A Saprobic Fungus Commonly Known As Dead Man’s Fingers”

“This Wasp Nest”

“Went To Lock The Back Door. There Was A Visitor”

“Factory Farm”

“Got A Notification From My Smart Home App In The Middle Of The Night Saying “Your Doorbell Detected A Visitor””

“Raccoon Hands Reaching Through The Boardwalk”

“An Eerie Underwater Cave Death Warning Sign”

“I Went To Dachau Concentration Camp And Felt Almost Like It Didn’t Do Anyone Justice. It Didn’t Seem To Reveal The Extent Of The Horrors Of What Happened There. Until I Saw This. My Heart Was In My Stomach”

“Baby Owls”

“Teeth In A Squid Suction Cup”

“Portland Man Found His Tires Slashed, And This Note On His Car”

“A Soot Covered Spiderweb”

“Bunraku Puppet”

“Old Lady With A Knife Seen On A Doorbell Cam In The Middle Of The Night”

“The Mist”

“A Rare Mutation Causing The Tentacles On The Octopus To Branch”

“Found Out The House We Are Living In Has A Bunker Below. I Managed To Squeeze My Phone In One Of The Cracks Of The Door To Take This Creepy Picture”

“Skull Rock Formation In Indonesia”

“My Husband Just Sent Me This… It Was Taken On His Way To Work This Morning”

“The Stairs I Have To Take To Leave Work”

“Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia Pa – Photos Taken By Myself”

“This Very Accurate Babadook Cosplay”

“These Three Cages, That Were Used To Hold The Dismembered Remains Of Opposing Religious Leaders In The Region In 1536, Still Hang On St. Lambert’s Cathedral In Münster, Germany”

“My Mother Received This Terrifying Letter Which Is Supposedly From A Crazy Cousin She Hasn’t Spoken With In Over 20 Years Who Lives In The Mountains Of Hawaii Without Electricity”

“Ellen,We’ll be by around 7pm on March 23 to pick up you & yours – pack lite, leave your earthly husk behind. As ever, no fornicators or immigrants need apply. I see you @ 7pm (1900 hrs)U KNOW WHO”

“It Was So Windy The Other Day It Raised The Dead”

“Just Bought A House. Found This In The Basement. Sealed Tight”

“Halloween, Early 1900s”

“An Iris Growing Over A Pupil”

“Two Wax Department Store Mannequins Melt During A Heat Wave In London, 1929”

“Eyes Reflecting In A Camera Flash At And Elvis Concert”


“Scorpion Carrying Her Babies On Her Back”

“Tarantula Infected With Cordycipitaceae”

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