The Cutest Thing You’ll Ever See

As they say, nothing can wreck a true friendship 🙂 Here is an amazing collection of some weird and cute couples.

[nggallery id=196]


  1. OOOOOOH. Cutest, EVER! 😀

  2. sweet cat in the first photo 😀 Cute >.<

  3. simply adorable for words

  4. And yet we kill them every day

  5. Sad but true


  7. Picture 11 isn’t cute, do you not see the ring pierced thru that poor bears snout? It deserves to be in the wild, being trained to do tricks and not.

  8. Okay, what a good start but i’ll have to look into that a tad more. Will let you know what else there is.

  9. how is that cute ?!??! Half of those picture feature an animal killed, about to get killed, being raped or about to be raped (i dont trust this monkey with the puppy)

  10. Where’s the fucking titties?

  11. hey i luv this post – To see all these cute little animals being nice to each other is great!

  12. thats really cute to see all those animals getting on together

  13. This is probably one of the cutest things I have ever seen!

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