The Hottest Products Of 2020 So Far

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These Wiss Scissors are my favorite! Heavy duty construction, titanium coated, never gets dull and cuts through things like a hot knife through butter

Logitech G502 Hero

The best allrounder mice for all purposes. gGreat for gaming aswell as non gaming applications. iIt has lots of buttons and each of those are fully programmable. You can even put macros on it like pressing buttons automatically in a pattern. Adjustable weights and more. All of that while being ENTIRELY AFFORDABLE!

Put this pad under your laptop and it will help cool it down during rigorous usage

This goosneck phone/table holder is seriously awesome! Perfect for watching movies or playing Switch in bed

Leatherman Wingman – 14 tools, including bottle and can openers, a ruler, screwdrivers, knife, and pliers, are more than enough for the average joe.

I tried everything for removing that fucking toilet bowl ring; CLR, Whink, barkeepers friend, baking soda and vinegar, baking soda and bleach and nothing helped even a little bit, until I stumbled upon this

A step up in security from 2-factor authentication. This key is a simple and proven method for locking down your accounts and keeping them secure

They boxer briefs feel like a bunch of angels gently cupping your balls all day

The best approach to gettting weathly is a simple one. I wish I had read this earlier

Brush your tongue with a toothbrush, then scrape it with a tongue scraper and watch dark nasty shit come off of it. Your toothbrush is missing a huge amount of visible material, plus who knows what else at the microscopic level

Brother Laser Printer. No printer is buy it for life, but Brother is close. Replacement toner costs $25 and lasts about 2500 pages.

I’ve had mine for 4 years, printed over 7000 pages and it’s still going strong. If you can live with black and white it’s perfect.

These PC speakers will blow your dick off with their sound quality and they are super reasonably priced!

Knipex pliers wrench – “They’re fantastic tools. They’re very well designed and they do the job much better than competing tools. As someone who uses tools for a living and for hobbies, they make a big difference and are worth their premium. I didn’t think the Kool-Aid would be that tasty, but I drank it and now am a true believer.”

This thing makes cleaning outdoor surfaces a breeze!

Bird poop on the siding? Pressure wash. Garage doors grimey? Pressure wash. Deck is mossy? Pressure wash. Kids stroller/high chair/pretty much anything has food/poop/vomit on it? You better believe I’m pressure washing it.

Sillpat Baking Sheets

Silpats are indestructible. Truly amazing. Nothing sticks to them. They are made of fiberglass and silcone.

Is a Steam mop worth it over a regular mop with a water bucket?

Oh hell yes! I adore my steam mop. I’d marry it if I could. We have a mix of expensive hardwood, tile, and extremely cheap laminate floors that were never cared for by the previous owner.

The steam mop makes our tile and Brazilian cherry hardwood look gorgeous. It makes our cheap ass laminate look better than any other form of cleaning (but nothing is going to make that crap look really good except replacing it).

My mother uses her steam mop in a good quality laminate and it makes her floors look amazing.

Ka-Bar US Marine Corps Fighting Knife

You’re not going to break a Ka-Bar. Beat the shit out of it, and don’t be surprised when you still have it 30 years from now. I use mine to dig, open cans, chop brush, pry things open, and so on – what it was designed to do from day one. It’s in great shape.

Felco Pruner

Pretty much the industry standard in the horticultural world. Design is nice, they re-sharpen well, and replacement parts are plentiful. Probably the most impressive thing about Felco is that over many decades of growth worldwide they have never given in to cutting corners. The quality is just the same today as in the past seven decades.

This wedge will eleveate your sex life to places it’s never been before. According to this guy’s wife, “I think I saw God the first time I used ours. That damn angle feels amazing”

If you don’t want to raise an asshole kid, read this book. A classic with a lot of insight into what’s going on in your kids’ heads and how to connect with the

This vacuum is worth every penny. Durable, powerful, meticulously well-engineered and will last upwards of 20 years

This is a million times better than any other cream or lotions I’ve used. My hands went from being so dry and cracked that my knuckles bled from the cracks to almost complete relief in like 2-4 days. Twas a Godsend

The best $25 you can spend to save you thousands. Prevent serious water damage in your home. This self-contained unit will send you an email the second it gets wet, alerting you to a potential water leak.

My washing machine’s drain line just backed up into our utility room yesterday. I wouldn’t have known until the whole cycle’s worth of water was in the floor but for the leak alarm sitting behind the washer! I was able to stop the cycle immediately and sop up two towels worth of water. Called the home warranty company and they sent a contractor out this morning to rotoroot our kitchen sink drain (it’s on the same drain line as the washer line). Problem solved within 24 hours.

A theft, a hardware failure, or any other tragedy could be the end of all your data. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Back up your data now

3-2-1 Backup Rule – 3 copies on 2 different medias, 1 offsite.

The point of having “2 different medias” is to avoid data loss due to a single failure. It doesn’t matter how many copies you have of your files if they’re all stored on the same drive and that drive fails. Whether you use two HDD’s, one HDD and a USB stick or two tapes doesn’t matter.

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