The Moment When You Find Out Who Santa Really Is

“My grandma straight up told me, “I’m not letting some old man take credit for my hard work. I’M SANTA CLAUS!””


“For whatever reason, when I was nine, I liked to watch Dr.Phil on tv. He decided to have an episode on why parents should tell their children Santa is not real. He ruined Christmas for me that year.”


“My parents had one too many beverages on Christmas Eve. My older brother and I woke up to no presents under the tree. They were still in my parent’s closet. So, we had to help wrap my younger brother’s presents.”


“When I saw my dad, naked, filling my stocking (not a euphemism.)”


“When my cousin found out Santa wasn’t real she didn’t tell anyone because she was worried that she wouldn’t get Christmas presents anymore.”


“Sister: Mom, is the Easter Bunny real? Mother: About as real as Santa Claus. *Sister gets a worried and confused look on her face* Mother: Well, I f@#ked that one up. Word for word.”


“Found all the wrapping paper and tags…my mother cried.”


“I was 9 at my uncle’s Christmas party, and my brother whispered you want to know something? I was excited my older brother wanted to tell me a secret. “Santa isn’t real. It’s just mom and dad.” I told my mom the charade was up a few days later, and since I knew Santa was fake she decided I was old enough to know the whole truth — the tooth fairy is also fake, and then proceeded to talk to me about periods. It was very awkward.”


“I was four years old. I was appalled at the thought that some stranger could break into people’s homes, eat their food, and leave some gifts. I asked my mom point blank… “Santa isn’t real, is he?” She didn’t lie to me, I was right.”


“I think I was like, 7 or 8. Riding my kick@$$ new bike that Santa brought. I overheard my dad and neighbor talking about it, and dad said he got it at Sears. “But daddy, Santa brought the bike!” And my tiny little heart was crushed.”


“Everyone knew at school, there was a special meeting because a lot of parents were really pissed about it.”


“I remember I was 7 and I wanted to go on my Dad’s laptop on Christmas. We had just finished unwrapping presents, I open it, and the first thing that pops up was the gift tags Dad used to print for the gifts that read, TO: (My Name) FROM: SANTA. He forgot to close the document. And that’s how I learned.”


“I was asking for unrealistic things and they told me it simply can’t be done. Me: “He is magic he can do it!” My sister: “He’s your mom””


“I was told by my classmates in third grade, at the urinal of our school. I refused to believe it until my parent’s buddy tried to give me a present from “Santa”. He spelled my name wrong, and I knew then that the kids in the bathroom were telling me the truth. After that, I never believed anything about Christmas, Easter, or anything else.”


“Santa’s handwriting looked like my parents’ but with curlicues.”


“My cousins told me and I pretended I totally knew until I got home and cried.”


“When my sister found out she said, “Why did you let me sit on some OLD MANS LAP?!””


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