The Most Loyal Dog Breeds Out There



Let’s just get that out of the way now. Look, every dog has the ability to be the most loyal thing in your entire life. However, the fellas over at Rover have compiled a list of what they believe to be the most loyal breeds out there. Since I’m not expert on dogs (unless you count losing my mind whenever I see one in public) I’m just going to go ahead and believe in this list.



Great Pyrenees

Calm, smart, and incredibly patient, these guys are sure to stick by your side through thick and thin.




Temperament type described as: Friendly, Loyal, Gentle, Intelligent, Protective, Active.




Despite having garnered a bit of a reputation over the years, the Rottweiler has shown time and time again that they are incredibly loyal and well-trained dogs.



German Shepherd

It’s no surprise that these dogs are so often chosen for specific jobs. They are loyal, quick learners, and will always do what they think is right.




Known to be some of the most compassionate dogs out there, Beagles will always look at you nothing but love in their eyes.




Known as the profoundly loyal by the AKC, this furry buddy are famously patient with children and will always be there for the people they feel safe around.



Labrador Retriever

You don’t make a list about loyal dogs and leave out these guys. They simply will not leave your side… especially if you’ve got treats.



Brittany Spaniel

Known to be incredibly enthusiastic about learning and performing tasks, these adorable little things will happily be there for you forever.




These dogs make excellent watch dogs and are incredibly loyal. If your old friend walked up to you on the street and your boxer doesn’t know him, he’ll probably let out a bark or two saying “Hey man, you’re a beaut, but I respect your distance.”




Despite being tiny, there are countless stories of Dachshunds and their incredibly loyalty. Bodies? Small. Hearts? Massive.



Golden Retriever

Like we need to discuss this.



Yorkshire Terrier

Another tiny dog on the list. These things are known to get incredibly attached to their owners and weary of strangers. So, when you’ve got one that trusts you, they’ll never leave your side.



St. Bernard

These dogs are known rescuers, man. They are incredibly loyal to their family and will do everything in their power to protect the ones they love.




Known to be stubborn, these wrinkly little fellas are supposedly one of the most loyal breeds there are. They’re brave, too.



American Staffordshire Terrier

Another dog with a bit of a bad reputation thanks to bad owners, this dog is a quick learner and will always happily do what it’s told.

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