The Sexiest Stuff Our Partners Do

I had just started dating her and we were attending a frat party off campus. A few too many beers into the night and the frat guy she was chatting with began talking shit about me and she hit him in the face. I’ve never had someone fight for me before. I’ve also never gone from flaccid to fully torqued so quickly.

We were on a holiday at this really nice hotel. So after a nice day we return to the hotel room and dress for dinner. She wore this beautiful white summer dress that contrasted wonderfully to her tanned skin. We were about to leave for dinner when she said “hold on, I need your help with my dress”. I thought I needed to zip her back or something, but instead she looked me straight in the eyes, smiled and said “I need you to take it off me”.

i had an ex who was dirty af. one time, she had me lying down whilst she was blowing me. till the point i couldn’t stand it anymore and i got up to fuck her.

she pushed me down firmly, hands and lips still wrapped around my cock. took her lips off my dick and said “did i say you can get up?”

there still hasn’t been a day that my dick was harder than that moment.

He has little moments where he goes from relaxed to ready to jump me.

His strong jaw clenches and his eyes go from looking soft and warm to intense. It’s my favorite look and riles me up every time.

She stepped into the shower with me, wearing nothing but a white t-shirt. AHUUUUUUA

Baked me brownies. I didn’t even ask for them. Just free surprise brownies!

From behind, he pulled my hair, thrust harder than usual and said right into my ear, “You’re mine”. Fuck yes, I am.

We used to live 7 hours apart. It wasn’t difficult to stay true to each other, but it was difficult to be apart from each other. Skype only goes so far and I’m very, very into sex.

My parents and I drove to meet her halfway and have lunch at a nice place. I was going to visit for a week so I was driving back with my SO. We hadn’t seen each other in awhile. As soon as I got in the car with her and my parents drove off, we started making out. We start our 4ish hour drive to her place and we get about 20 mins into the drive and she says, “okay, I can’t take it!” She proceeded to pull off at the first rest stop and we immediately have sex in the car.

It’s been 2 years since then and I still keep that memory in the bank.

My wife isn’t one of those overly girly girls, and rarely uses makeup or dress-up as if she’s going to a ball.

So she had been in this ballroom dancing class, and had to do a dance routine on stage with her instructor. On the day, she went all out with makeup and hair and looked like a movie star. With the prettiest swirly-type dance dress.

Her dance performance was flawless.

Once we got home she took me straight to the bedroom and absolutely attacked me.

The. Hottest. Thing. EVER.

She won a beauty pageant(not a big deal, it was just for our county, and we live in a small county), and that night she came to bed in nothing but heels, her sash, and her crown. I was not expecting it at all. Made for a pretty memorable night

I asked her what her favorite sound was and she said the sound of her deepthroating me

made me tear up a bit.

We took a hike up to the top of a hill. It was a beautiful day. We found a bench overlooking the valley. She sat down and patted her lap motioning for me to rest my head there. I kicked back on the bench and she stroked my head in her lap.

A few minutes later I felt something soft poke my eyeball and I opened my eyes to see she had pulled down her dress and was pushing her breasts in my face. Her puffy nipple booping my face from my eyeball down to my open mouth.

The mixture of contentment, beauty of the environment and company, and the voyeuristic feeling/chance of being arrested for public indecency was the hottest thing.

Another time she picked me up from the airport and as we drove home, she pulled up her dress to reveal she wasn’t wearing underwear and said “I brought this in case you were hungry.”

That first one is still my favorite though.

Cooked me my favorite meal with nothing on but an apron. The view from behind was spectacular.

Not my SO, when he lifted me up to take me to the bed, when I asked if I could try it on top his response was “hell yeah”, him breathing “I’m in paradise” and “I wanted to do this ever since I met you”, when he just casually plays with my boobs, when he holds my head down a little when I’m sucking him off, when we make eye contact when fucking and he gives a laugh smile. Hot as fuck.

The one that stands out the most is the time my wife (who I was only still dating at the time) dropped to her knees and gave me a blow job in her mom’s kitchen….while her mother (who absolutely hates me) was on the other side of the wall, in the dining room, sitting at the dining room table, playing Bridge with some of her friends from church.

What made it even hotter was the fact that there was a pass through window between the kitchen and dining room and I could actually see her Mom from where I was standing….and my wife was NOT (in any way) attempting to be quiet about the fact she was sucking me off while she was doing it.

While playing CoD, she crawled on the floor over to me on the couch and started chewing at my crotch, and then blew me. She told me that I better not lose the match.

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