The Stupidest Ways People Have Died (infographic)




  1. next time, don’t use names. my friend’s name was named in one of these and made the rest of them not funny at all. i wouldn’t have minded if it didn’t have a name at all.

  2. I don’t really know anyone that was named in this but I agree with Morgan. It would be fine if everything here were based on actual deaths, but throwing in the names, it isn’t based on the actual death anymore.. it is the actual death, And when people see that their friend’s death is a joke to others it really pisses them off. this actually pisses me off as well and i didn’t know them. And maybe you weren’t expecting people to see this and know the people but it happens and is really messed up that you used the names.

  3. Thank you matt. I know it really was a stupid way for her to die, but it really shouldn’t be a joke, and it REALLY shouldn’t have had her name on it. Her name is rare to being with and all of her friends know the horrible details of her death, I can’t imagine what would happen if her family saw this. Please remove this. Its just not funny

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