The Tinier The Animal, The Cuter It Is

A tiny baby duckling that mistook a human for his mom

That pink belly is waiting for a good rub!

“Baby anteaters are possibly the cutest animals I’ve ever seen!”

Look, this adorable baby beaver is smiling at you.

A white sloth is a truly rare encounter.

A puggle (baby echidna) you can only meet in Australia

The King of Darkness couldn’t look any prettier.

A charming owlet rescued and taken to a wildlife hospital

A newborn hedgehog whose fingers are almost transparent

“I saved a baby armadillo and got it to a wildlife specialist!”

“I made a new friend. Isn’t he so stinking cute!”

“Her name is Petra. She is a baby mouse, 11 days old, and I feed her milk with a paintbrush.”

Marmosets are the smallest species of monkeys, and they’re usually no bigger than 8 inches.

World, meet Floyd, a most charming little chameleon.

A baby opossum in a wildlife center looks thankfully at its rescuer.

In case you have never seen a newborn ferret — this is what they look like.

This rainbow lorikeet fell from a tree hollow. But don’t worry: people took it to a wildlife center where it’s being taken care of.

This newborn kitten looks like an alien from a faraway galaxy.

“Baby bunny curled up and fell asleep in my hand!”

A cute owlet cuddles in a blanket after taking a bath.

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