The World’s Most Expensive Hotels


It is not that easy to get a key to one of these rooms with bullet-proof windows, marble floors and amazing views of the city. The most expensive hotels in the world are waiting to be discovered by you.

7th place: Royal Suite, Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai


Area: 779 sq.m. Amenities: marble floors, office furniture, private cinema, four-post bed, Rolls-Royce with a personal driver or a helicopter at an additional cost. Rates: $17,152 per night.

6th place: a suite in Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow


Area: 236 sq.m. Amenities: piano, library, meals included, suites overlooking Red Square. Rates: $17,355 per night

5th place: a suite in Atlantis Resort Hotel in Bahamas


Area: 440 sq.m.Amenities: 10 rooms, butler, kitchener, marble bathrooms. Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan and Opran Winfrey used to stay here.Rates: $23,835 per night.

4th place: King’s Penthouse, President Wilson Hotel in Geneva


Area: 1200 sq.m. Amenities: four rooms, six bathrooms, a room for cocktail parties (up to 40 guests), bullet-proof windows.

Rates: $31,462 per night.

3rd place: Penthouse, Four Seasons Hotel in New York


Area: 399 sq.m. Amenities: 360 degree panorama, 1.5-meter glass chandeliers, huge piano, nine rooms, butler, cable TV.

Rates: $32,370 per night.

2nd place: Hugh Hefner’s Suite at Palms Casino Resort Hotel


Area: 929 sq.m. Amenities: butler, rotating bed, mirrored ceiling, Jacuzzi overlooking Las Vegas. Rates: $38,070 per night.

1st place: Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi Hotel in Athens


Area: 1188 sq.m. Amenities: heated swimming pool, steam room, private beach, butler, chef, piano with a pianist.

Rates: $47,527 per night.

10th place: Imperial Suite, Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome


Area: 200 sq.m. Amenities: balcony area of 59 sq.m., dining area, bar display, steam room shower, whirlpool bath, massage table.

Rates: $14,797 per night.

9th place: Royal Suite, Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris


Area: 244 sq.m. Amenities: antique furniture, marble entrance foyer, private office, guest powder room, steam room.

Rates: $15,277 per night.

8th place: Royal Suite, Le Richemond Hotel in Geneva


Area: 230 sq.m. Amenities: swimming pool mosaics, parquet, bullet-proof windows, 27 sq.m. terrace overlooking Geneva and the Alps. Rates: $16,680 per night.


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