The Worst Cat In The World

The shelter posted this ad on Facebook

Despite the shelter’s not-so-shining endorsement of Perdita, the viral ad got the attention of some people who are up to the challenge—in an update, the shelter revealed that staff are now looking through over 50 applications to find the best home for the world’s worst cat. Perdita’s not sure what to think of all the attention.

The shelter posted this update

Perdita is a morning person, who knew?

Perdita is not impressed with her new found fame. She is being her spicy self. This video was made this morning. She enjoyed her head scratches and growls at the end to let us know she was done. We love this spirited, strong-willed, beauty. We have given her privacy and quiet as much as possible. We are carefully considering each of the 50+ applications we have received for her. Love and support for Perdita has poured in from all over the world. We are thrilled that so many people are passionate about cats like her. We will keep everyone posted about her adoption when it happens.

Posted by Mitchell County Animal Rescue, Inc-North Carolina on Thursday, January 23, 2020

While some commenters were amused by the ad, just as many were sympathetic. After all, Perdita is undoubtedly confused and traumatized after losing her owner and being taken out of the only home she knew. Despite all that shelter workers do to keep animals comfortable during their stay, being in a confined, noisy space around lots of unfamiliar animals and people is inherently stressful, especially for animals that previously lived alone. Unfortunately, that stress can keep a shelter resident from showing the best side of their personality, a vicious cycle that makes finding a willing adopter more difficult.

Some commenters shared their stories of taking a chance and adopting cats who seemed aggressive in the shelter but turned out to be great companions once they grew comfortable in their new home. Among all the potential adopters vying to give Perdita a chance, there’s bound to be someone who will give her love whether she turns out to be sweet, spicy, or a little of both.

Commenters are sure Perdita will find a loving home

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