The Worst Movies Ever Made

“Artemis fowl. Hands down, full stop, the worst movie I’ve ever seen.”


“Son of the Mask”


“Dragon Ball Revolution”


“Dracula 3000. I saw it years ago and it still haunts me. I powered through but couldnt take much more when I got to the scene where Coolio crawls on all fours through dry ice smoke, hissing, in almost utter silence”


“Redneck Zombies. Everyone told me it was bad. I knew it was going to be terrible, but the production quality was like two kids in the backyard with mom’s video camera. I turned it off within ten minutes.”


“In terms of movies with actual budgets/Hollywood backing, The Last Airbender.

If you haven’t seen the TV show it’s based on, the movie is a garbage pile of horrible acting, horrible writing, horrible directing, horrible action scenes, horrible digital effects, only saved by the occasional pretty shot and some all right music.

If you’ve seen the show TV show it’s based on, it’s still all of the above, but multiplied by hacking a storyline to pieces by trying to turn over 400 minutes of a TV season into a 100-minute movie. The s@#t is BEYOND a disaster.”


“Dumb and Dumberer. Total trash”


“Jeepers Creepers 3 gave me a whole new appreciation for Jeepers Creepers 2.”


“Try watching that Lindsay Lohan movie ‘I know who killed me’ where she fakes her pregnancy to get out of her office job.. it’s so low budget that it HAS NO SOUNDTRACK. NO Foley track, just.. speaking…”


“Diary of a wimpy kid long haul”


“Eragon, based on the book. Absolutely horrible”


“I actually suffered through Manos: The hands of fate. Never again.”


“Adam Sandler’s jack and jill. it was soo bad I can’t remember any of it. my brain has shoved it into a dark corner”



I don’t know wtf prompted me to watch a movie with f@#king Taylor Lautner in it but by god I want my 2 hours back. This motherf@#ker was topless within the first 5 minutes, I should’ve known tbh.”


“The 2018 remake of Farenheit 451. I am a Bradbury fanatic, and I got 10 minutes in before I noped out. I hated it! And I was high! I even hated it high!”


“Jaws Four”


“Atlantic rim. It’s a pacific rim knock odd but it just goes off the rails. Never finished it.”


“Birdemic was awful. I couldn’t get pass 10 minutes. It makes Sharknado a timeless classic.”


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  1. Atlantic rim is a piece of crap made for tv movie. I know it is canadian made because that native american is a sargent or something and when he swears he says “JESUS JUMPED UP CHRIST” or “JESUS H CHRIST”. And Mystery Science Theater 3000 makes manos watchable hahahaha.

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