These Homework Answers Prove That Kids Are Absolutely Bonkers


“Test answers are totally wrong but still genius.”

“Checking my kindergartener’s homework to find this answer.”

“Lola earned her A today.”

“This is my friend’s kid’s homework. I think he gave a good answer. Pennies do suck.”

“Youthful wisdom”

When you try to draw a bird, but something goes wrong:

“My 8-year-old sister being the smart ass that she is on her homework.”

“My 7-year-old was unimpressed with this word problem on his math homework.”

“My child’s homework”

“Was marking a kid’s homework and saw the progression of his studies…”

“My 8-year-old son takes his homework directions literally.”

“My first grader had to draw a photo to go with the word ‘moist’ for his vocabulary homework.”

“I was going through my daughter’s homework (1st grade) and came across this gem.”

“My sister’s English homework”

“My 6-year-old cousin’s homework answer after seeing a play”

“Let’s reflect. Simple life. Simple answer. Who needs to elaborate, right?”

“She’s a smart one!”

“This is why my kid is going places.”

“It’s not wrong.”

“Answer: hot dog.”


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