They Found Hidden Treasure While Moving Into New Home

While moving into a new house, a couple found a small latch under a few boxes they had stacked in a closet.

Below they found a small compartment that seemed to be empty.

However tucked away in the corner was a small dusty box.

The box had some very distinct and intricate patterns.

The box was surprisingly heavy, and firmly locked.

A closeup of the keyhole.

Not wanting to wait around for a locksmith, the couple decided to delicately force the box open.

Inside were an assortment of coins, and another smaller box.

A closeup of the coins, including a 50 pence British coin.

There was also something hidden sandwiched between the lining and box.

A vintage Silver Surfer card in a protective case.

Under the cards there was also a vintage Spiderman hologram card.

And then on to the tiny box…

This one had a much heavier lock.

Luckily among the coins, the couple found a key to the lock.

Inside revealed a collection of old pocket watches.

Many of them were still functioning.


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