This Attic Will Give You Nightmares

Reddit user u/CatchingWindows recently shared an excursion into the attic of a home he just purchased. And it looks like it’s a scene from a horror movie or something!

“It’s legitimately a house, with a front door, an entire exposed side and faded clapboard siding, just rotting away.

I can’t.”

“Inside, you’ve got your pick of rooms filled with rotting floral wallpaper, intact windows, light fixtures and even a bathroom or two.

The floor of the house is lower than the floor of the attic and covered with insulation.”

“There’s also tons of belongings just strewn about, as if people just grabbed what the could and left.”

“According to his post, this house was once a 2-story building where the owners lived upstairs and ran a store on the ground floor. The second floor of the house was then closed off and a large attic built around it, with a C-shaped structure built around the ground floor.

The place then became a church.”

“Our brave redditor recently purchased this old church, with the hope of turning it back into a private residence.

But no one told him about the tiny door to the attic, and the dilapidated house full of nightmares and spiders.

And don’t forget Pennywise the Clown. That f@#ker’s around here somewhere.”

“Here you can see how haphazardly the whole exterior was just slapped on there.

Like there was a gruesome history someone was trying to hide.”

“Guess this wasn’t on the pre-inspection tour.”

“I honestly wouldn’t be brave enough to go up there alone.”

“Not sure what this is connected to, but if you’re looking for a s@#t from hell, I might know a place.”

“That solitary hat just skeeves me the f@#k out.”

“He doesn’t really elaborate on what he’s gonna do with it in the original post and comments, so I’m guessing it’ll be saved for a creepy kid’s playroom or the MIL suite.

Supposedly he’s going to go back up there and explore some more, but that was over a week ago, so…”

“Guess the attic house has a new tenant now.”

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