This Boss Implemented A Radical Change In The Office By Constructing Personalized Tiny Houses For Each Employee

One creative boss decided to build “tiny home” offices for his employees, and the internet can’t get enough of them

The extravagant offices went viral after one enthusiastic employee, Kylie, started sharing videos of them on TikTok

She gave a tour of the “neighborhood” and answered some of the viewers’ most burning questions

Kylie explained that she works for a property management company in Missouri that she loves, praising her employers for being extremely generous

She also noted that the houses were built with each employee’s personality in mind, with the extravagant pink castle going to the owner’s wife

Viewers wondered if the offices were built on a movie set or housed in a huge warehouse, but Kylie explained that they simply work in an office building with a big, open floor plan

She also showed the back of the offices, which houses a “barn” and the employees’ kitchen and restrooms

And per the viewers’ request, she posted a video of her personal house as well, which has yet to be decorated


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