This Guesthouse Kit Takes DIY To Another Level

Two adults could assemble the Allwood Solvalla in just about 8 hours

“[The] Solvalla garden house kit is made from high quality solid Nordic wood,” the company writes on its website. “This timeless design is an alternative to classic log cabin styled structures. It works well in a variety of surroundings and can be a guesthouse, home office, granny flat, or even a retail space. Versatile Solvalla can also be set up on rooftops of multi-story buildings. Assembly of this solid wood structure takes a full day for two adults. Do it yourself simple step-by-step directions come with the kit and only minimal tools are needed.”

The company has prepared simple step-by-step directions and says that “only minimal tools are needed”

The total floor area is 172 sqft (16 square meters)

The structure weighs approximately 2480 lbs (1125 kilos)

Amazon had been selling the product but says it’s “currently unavailable.” Anyone who desires it, however, can order it on the official Allwood website for $6,550 (the shipping’s free). The only things you won’t find in the kit are roof shingles and foundation materials. Allwood estimates they will cost about $150 and $170 respectively.

Also, there’s no bathroom but Allwood states that “adding one is not difficult” as you can purchase DIY indoor bathroom kits also.

Allwood is offering the product for $6,550

If you want to add anything extra like HVAC or electricity to this DIY home, you’ll need to figure out how to do that yourself. It doesn’t include any of these amenities.

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