This Is Comic Book Café!

Café Bw” has two different cafes located both in Moscow and Sankt Petersburg, Russia. The entire premise of the place is the fact that it’s a 2D café. It’s one of the most popular picture venues on Russian “Instagram”, and for a good reason!

“One might even think: What makes this 2D café one of the trendiest places in Russia right now? Well, if we had a say in this, it’s probably the way this two-dimensional idea was put into action. You have black and white walls, curtains, floors, and furniture, all without a sense of depth. Some of the aesthetic was even applied to the cafe’s dishes, such as mugs and plates, by purely keeping them white but with a hilarious twist. What’s the twist, you might ask? Well, you will have to scroll down and see for yourself!”

“Luckily for us, the goodies on the menu itself seem to be anything but 2D. The coffee shop offers fresh ground-roasted coffee (anything your heart desires from americano to lattes and even mochaccino’s) that can be paired with a delicious dessert menu full of various croissants, muffins, and cakes! I think we can all agree, the menu is mouthwatering, to say the least…”

“I think one could agree that the café itself was made for animation and comic book fans, or just those who are looking for a quick adventure in the strange world of 2D illusions. Every detail of the coffee shop is thought out well to make it look like the whole place came from a traditional sketchbook, and it might even have you feeling like you were stuck in a cartoon!”

“The idea came up to create a place that would be interesting mainly due to its interior (of course, with a good coffee). The renovation took just over a month, and around 100 kg of paint was used up.

Since then, our customers have been delighted! People deliberately come to us to take unusual pictures. Our employees are also delighted with the work and some even waited months for vacancies to open.”

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