This Is Some DIY Home Renovation

Pear and her boyfriend have been renovating their 1614 sq ft house in Phrae, Thailand for the past 8 months

Nont and Pear, who have been in a relationship for 11 years, started their friendship in high school. Today, Pear’s boyfriend Nont is an architect who runs a Thai construction management company “Official Space” with his business partner. Meanwhile, Pear is a lifestyle blogger running the Facebook page “Peary Is Happy,” which has more than 26K followers.

Pear Junglin has been in a relationship with her boyfriend Chayanont Taechahasadin for almost 11 years. Chayanont, who is an architect, was in charge of designing the house and making sure everything went according to plan.
In her Facebook post, Pear apologized to all the neighbors who had to experience all the noise and dust coming from their renovation site. The blogger also asked people to support her boyfriend’s talent in architecture and give him a chance to build something beautiful.

People were stunned by the day and night difference the makeover has made

This is how Pear’s house looked one year later

“We just want to capture all these precious moments and share them with our child one day,” said Pear. She also added that since so many countries, people, and businesses have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the couple tries to focus on what brings good memories and emotions.

It’s not only the exterior which is jaw-dropping, the interior is on another level too

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