This Is The World’s Largest Private Jet

This is the Boeing Business Jet 747-8i, the largest private jet in active operation in the entire world

A businessman from the Middle East asked French interior design firm Cabinet Alberto Pinto to design the interior

It took the firm 4 years to design and implement everything. This is the master bedroom, found in the nose of the airplane, underneath the cockpit

The jet has everything: from lounges to dining rooms. When you’re inside, it’s easy to forget you’re on an airplane

This is what the master bedroom looks like from another angle

The 1A and 1B seats have been turned into a two-person loveseat

There are plenty of quality of life design choices like touchscreens that control the light

The master bathroom has a full mirror and sink

The jet even has a walk-in shower! It’s very rare for airplanes to have these

The designer was given complete freedom and went for a soft modern style

The owner of the jet wanted something simple that would feel like a family home

According to the designer, Yves Pickardt, simplicity is the true luxury

The design project was completed on time and under budget

Here’s one of the guest bedrooms

Even the smaller bedrooms have their very own private bathrooms with mirrors and sinks

This is the main foyer that separates the master bedroom from the rest of the jet. The staircase leads to the airplane’s upper floor

The jet has bookshelves as well as a massive TV

Here’s the cockpit. It’s right above the master bedroom

There are plenty of couches everywhere so you can sit down and rest or read a book wherever you want to

Office spaces and dining rooms are all furnished with leather armchairs

Here’s the centerpiece of the airplane: the salon

The salon has three couches that are great for meetings or just relaxing

This spot is perfect for having dinner, playing tabletop games, or even some poker

Every single chair can be adjusted with switches in the armrests

There’s enough space for additional passengers or staff members flying on the jet, too

The jet’s owner gave designer Yves Pickardt “carte blanche” to make the airplane feel like a family home. Pickardt told Altitudes Magazine that his idea was to give the jet a “soft modern style.”

According to Pickardt, the owner wasn’t looking for something “outrageously luxurious, with gold and diamonds.” Instead, he wanted simplicity. “Which in the end is indeed the true luxury,” the designer said.

It took Cabinet Alberto Pinto a whole 4 years to design and implement this particular 747-8i’s interior, writes Business Insider. With 250 feet from nose to tail, this is the largest aircraft that the French firm has designed. It has two levels and over 400 people can fit inside the airplane if it were to be configured to transport airline passengers.

The businessman’s private jet has everything from suites and lounges to staterooms and dining rooms (not to mention bathrooms, of course). You can find the master bedroom in the nose of the jet, right beneath the cockpit. This makes sense because the front of the jet is the furthest away from the engines, so it’s way easier to fall asleep there than elsewhere.

This particular 747-8i has plenty of things that you won’t see on a regular Boeing airplane, like the 1A and 1B seats being replaced with a two-person loveseat. There are lots of small personal touches like personal reading lamps, bedside tables, and touchscreens that control the lights. Meanwhile, the master bathroom has a walk-in shower with a full mirror—when you’re inside, you can easily forget that you’re flying, instead of living in a luxurious estate.

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