This Is What Your Skull Looks Like Before Losing Baby Teeth…It Is Horrifying


This is not the album cover for a heavy metal band.This is what every child descended from Adam has hiding underneath his/her skin.

It creeps me out every once in a while when I remember that I have a skeleton living inside me. If that’s not enough, it turns out that every child on this planet has a horrible mutant skull inside their faces. Check out these pictures of child skulls who have yet to lose their baby teeth. Try telling me they don’t look like the skulls of baby human-shark monsters. Let’s keep our faces on, kids!

It turns out children consist mostly of teeth. This is absolutely terrifying.


It looks a little bit like teeth are coming out of his eyes. Once you see this, it cannot be unseen.


I don’t know about you guys, but I am never looking at kids the same way again after knowing what’s living inside their innocent little heads. The tooth fairy does some brave and important work, people.

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