This Is Why People Decide To Get A Pet

“A classic case of ‘my boyfriend is not a cat person.’ This was his first day with a cat.”


“When you tell her a story that she doesn’t understand, but she loves you anyway.”

Some inspire us to do more yoga.

Now that’s happiness!

“We poop together every morning.”

“My cat when I try to leave my house”

The old lady will not be ignored.

“Looks like I’m going to be late for work today.”

Admit it, you have more pictures of your pet than of yourself on your phone, right?

“He follows me everywhere.”

Enjoying the breeze on this warm summer day

The older our pets become, the more we appreciate our time spent with them.

Bonus: Finally, an accurate fortune

Sometimes our furry friends climb on our heads. But we still love them.

“My dog stole my son’s bagel. He is not happy.”

“I have to use a decoy book when I read because of this spoiled queen.”

First cat, then the world.

“Karen, I’m worried. Are you aware that water can kill you?”

“My boyfriend sometimes pulls up a chair from the dining room while he’s gaming so our cat can sit with him.”

What can be a better birthday gift to a pet owner than a portrait of their pet?


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