This Woman Might’ve Been The First To Make Such An Uncommon Friend!

The unlikely friendship was formed between a kind-hearted woman and a wingless bumblebee

While working in her garden the woman encountered the wingless bumblebee

The bumblebee was affected by the virus known to cause problems in wing development

The woman made a beautiful enclosed mini garden for Bee

The bumblebee loved to be held in Fiona’s hands

Presly brought tiny cups of sugar water to her new pet every day

Fiona protected the insect from heavy rain by taking her indoors

The earth bumblebees have an average lifespan of only 18 weeks but this bumblebee managed to surpass it and live much longer

Fiona is probably the first person to have kept a bumblebee as a pet

The bond between Fiona and the bumblebee proves that humans can form connections with insects too

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