This Woman Saves Abandoned Animals Of All Species

“What you’re greeted by pulling up to the farm”

“If an Ewok fell in love with Snuffleupagus their child would look like a baby Scottish highland cow”

“Bri helping me puppy sit during our first Twitch livestream today”

“It’s chilly out today so I took my coffee and a blanket outside and sat with them… I’m not able to pet them but Mom accepts the animal cookies I throw in her direction”

“Kiss a cow – it makes everything better”

“The pigs keep trying to figure out a way in…”

“Afternoon with Bilbo, because there’s no escaping him! He’s my shadow anywhere I go”

“Cashier: Now these do expire in the next 6 months. The woman who bought a few bags before you had 3 dogs so it wasn’t a problem…Me: … I have approximately 8 dogs, depending on how many strays/fosters show up any given day. This will last a week.”

“Must be dinner time!’

“The piglets can’t climb on top of him for their daily nap fast enough! As soon as he’s finished his meal and I open the door it’s a race to start the cuddling!*Hodor sits in a crate before & after meals to prevent bloat.*Pigs & dogs should never be left alone unsupervised”

“Note to self: maybe DONT mop the floor when you have 7 doggy daycare guests and rain is in the forecast”

“Early in the morning – snoozing in the sunshine together. No makeup, haven’t brushed my hair, but this snuggly baby was too cute!!”

“Dinner is served!”

“If I’m very sneaky I can catch the pig pile before they wake up”

“Moms in town so the Sisters are reunited! Spending quality time under piles of blankets”

“Can’t believe how much she’s grown in the few months I’ve had her. At two years old she was less than half this current size.”

“In today’s adventures we caught a renegade rooster and turkey and brought them back to live at the farm”

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