This Woman Turns An Old House Into A Luxury Mansion

Lyndsey from Liverpool fixed up an old three-bedroom semi along with her partner and turned it into a stylish family home

The dreary pebble-dash exterior was renovated and now looks very inviting

Meanwhile, the back yard is unrecognizable!

Once you enter the home, you’re greeted with a modern-looking interior. The carpet looks loads better

While the bathroom was expanded by knocking down the wall separating the toilet and the tub

The garden looks like something out of a movie and the shed’s the star of the show

Notice how the new door is made of the same type of wood as some of the design accents inside the home

Here are a couple more before-and-after pictures showing just how big the transformation was

An electric fireplace now warms up the living room (though we had a soft spot for the old fireplace, too)

The difference is like night and day (quite literally in this case)

The stairs have had a massive upgrade

The entire home had an overhaul that completely changed the energy inside

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