Top 10 Hottest Women in United Kingdom

We tend to think of English women as elegant, classy, sophisticated ladies of the manor. But there’s so much more to them than looking really good having a cup of tea. They each have a unique sexy quality about them that just tugs at our heartstrings, and they don’t need to be in a skimpy bikini to do so. Is your favorite English babe here? Check out the list below and see for yourself just what an English rose looks like.

10. Pippa Middleton


Duchess Kate’s younger sister. She first caught our attention with that famous pert backside of hers in attendance at the royal wedding. Since then, she’s become a media darling. But what makes her even sexier is her warm smile. She exudes a natural confidence that piques at our curiosity. We’re always wondering what the royal sister-in-law is up to.

9. Cheryl Cole


She started out as a pop star, becoming a part of the famous all girl group Girls Aloud, but now she has become one of the most famous style icons in United Kingdom. Magazines, bloggers, and stylists coined the term fashionista in her honor, with her outfits becoming just as popular as her songs. The gorgeous brunette has done everything from going solo and releasing a hit album, to writing a book, to becoming a philanthropist to becoming a judge on The X Factor UK Edition.

8. Kate Winslet


She had us desperately clutching the remote control, fingers ready at the pause and replay buttons, wide eyed staring at the screen to that famous scene in Titanic. The incredibly sexy, voluptuous English star might be responsible for a lot of pubescent fantasies and now that she’s become a mom, we’ve just switched fantasies, but the object remains the same: Kate Winslet naked, sunlight pouring in from a dusty window caressing her lovely curves….

7. Myleene Klass


The half-Austrian and half-Filipino singer and pianist was once part of an all girl pop group called Hear’Say before going solo and releasing a successful classical album. If there’s anyone who can get us to willingly listen to classical music, it’s this gorgeous brunette. She sure got male viewers sitting up and paying attention when she donned her famous white bikini for the reality show I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Outta Here, which resulted in her being the most googled celebrity in UK for weeks.

6. Emma Watson


The biggest puberty success story to ever walk the planet, Emma Watson has smoothly transitioned from the adorably clever wild haired little witch in Harry Potter to one of the most beloved and sexiest feminists of our time. She has epitomized the modern dream woman: confidently beautiful, smart, eloquent, and elegant. After graduating from Brown University, she was appointed as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. In between filming, modelling, and advocating for women’s rights, she’s got her pretty hands full. We can’t wait to see what more magic tricks Miss Watson has in store for us.

5. Jessica Ennis


The multi-awarded track and field athlete is the current Olympic and Heptathlon Champion. She has become a darling not just in the world of athletics but also in the media for her warm persona and radiant smile. Looking like a cross between Rashida Jones and Maggie Q, she is the face of Adidas, Omega watches, Olay, and Powerade.

4. Kelly Brook


The voluptuous English model has become a favorite for swim wear and lingerie spreads because of her naturally buxom physique that fill out those flimsy pieces of fabric oh so well. Due to insistent public demand, she posed for Playboy magazine in 2010. An animal rights supporter, the stunning brunette also posed completely nude with scales painted on for the a PETA campaign. The epitome of a fun and confident London bombshell, she has opened a line of casual wear for women starting from size 10 to 32, and a famous, award winning bar in the heart of London.

3. Keira Knightley


The strikingly beautiful actress seem to be typecasted into period romance and drama films, but who could blame them? Her impeccable bone structure, effortless elegance and a rare old world charm makes it seem like she was lifted off the pages of a Jane Austen novel and brought to life. She first gained worldwide attention when she was cast in the hit franchise Pirates Of The Caribbean as the tight corseted besotted daughter of a Governor who falls into the sea and stumbles into an adventure. With a slew of hit films under her belt, Keira has proven she can do it all, from acting in films and Broadway, to supporting charities and advocacies, to singing, as she did remarkably well in Begin Again.

2. Kate Middleton


When Prince William announced his engagement to his college sweetheart, it all felt like something lifted off a fairy tale. And true enough, it was, as we have witnessed at the royal wedding. Kate looked every bit the fairy tale princess as she walked down the aisle. She captivated the whole world with her beauty, warmth, simplicity, and kindness. There was reportedly quite a buzz when Prince William decided to marry a commoner, but the British Royalty did need some serious shaking. And Kate has proven she is the right person for the job.

1. Holly Willoughby


The pretty model and TV presenter began modelling at just 14 when she was spotted and immediately signed up while browsing for dresses at an exhibit at her local mall. She has since appeared in numerous magazine covers, television shows. Her naturally perfect breasts have earned her the distinct honor of being voted and awarded as the lucky owner of the Best Celebrity Cleavage from a poll of 1000 nominees. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

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