Top 10 Products Of The Day

For my running, hiking and workout shoes, I use these no-tie laces. Just slip on your shoe and pull the cord. It’s super quick and easy

Every home gym needs an Assault Airbike! They bring challenge, intensity, pain and willpower testing similar to what weights bring. Do a full sprint for 20 seconds on one, then you’ll know why

A very compact, superbly easy to use and a lifesaver when you car runs out of battery and there is no one around

A wheel and tire cleaner that actually works. Minimal effort required to remove all that horrible brake dust and road grime

Many budget audiophiles agree that these are the best powered bookshelf speakers in the $100 range

If you are trying to quit smoking, this book is a really good first step to help you quit

If you like doing deadlifts, this bar substantially reduces the amount of stress it puts on your lower back

These are the best nail clippers on the market (even better than Tweezerman) They slice through nails like a santoku through a tomato

This is a very handy little light that is small enough to carry on your keychain. The LED “bulb” is very bright for its size, more than adequate for finding your way around in a dark spot, reading a map, finding key holes, etc, with a simple thumb press on the button

This book is in my top 3 books that has been instrumental for changing my life for the better. There is clear steps and actions that can be taken while reading this book and not some wishy-washy motivational fluff

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