Top 10 Sexiest Hidden Paradises In The World

Nature can be sexy too, and in this list we are going to list down the top ten sexiest creations of nature that will absolutely take your breath away.

10 – Eight Hells


There are thousands of hot springs in Japan, but what stands out is the eight cluster of hot springs known as the Eight Hells. These hot springs are so hot that they can literally cook you alive. Hence, the “No Bathing” signs you’ll see scattered around. Each spring is named as a different hell according to its characteristic. For instance the Blood Pond Hell is named as such as it dawns a deep sexy red color due to its saturated iron content.

9 – Gozo Island


This island in Malta is filled with mythological beauty (note: it was said to be taken over by Calypso after the Trojan War). It is truly an island of dreams with its beautiful rolling hills, dreamy crumbling castle walls, and of course, who could dare overlook that stunning beach!

8 – Bagan


If Gozo was a place of mythological grandeur, Bagan in Myanmar is a place of spiritual brilliance with thousands of ancient Buddhist monuments built as early as the tenth century. And while you’re there, don’t forget to hop on a hot air balloon ride. This is an absolute must for every visitor.

7 – Caye Caulker


The sandy beaches of Caye Caulker in Belize have been featured in different travel shows and blogs for a reason. It is simply a sand and sea paradise, especially for those who love snorkeling, diving, and other water adventures.

6 – Kirkjufell


The Kirkjufell Mountain in Iceland has nothing really special, really. Compared to the other mountains in the area, it has no special feature save the fact that it takes extraordinarily beautiful pictures. That’s one helluva photographic mountain!

5 – Cano Cristales


The River of Five Colors is in the fifth spot in our list. This really sexy river dons different colors and is safely tucked away in the mountains of Colombia. Some visitors even claim that seeing the river is like seeing an actual watercolor artwork being painted by God himself.

4 – Panjin Red Beach


If the bloody red hot springs of Japan doesn’t scream sexy to you, then maybe the hot lipstick red hue of Panjin Beach will. It is a wetland area in China where the Suaeda Salsa, a red type of seaweed grows and covers more than a million acres of the said Red Beach.

3 – Pamukkale’s Travertine Pools


These crystal pools in Pamukkale, Turkey are so stunning that it literally looks like heaven on Earth. Seriously. They look like mirror-like stairs created by diving beings themselves.

2 – Lencois Maranhenses


Lencois Maranheses in Brazil is a National Park with acres upon acres of sand which literally look like rolling layers of clouds. I seriously think that Lencois Maranhenses and Pamukkale’s Travertine Pools would look awesome in a painting together, don’t you think?

1 – Zhangye Danxia


The sexiest and most stunning natural wonder on our list is the Zhangye Danxia, the only multi-colored mountain in the whole world. The rainbow like mountains look even more beautiful than the mountains that you see in fantasy worlds.

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