Top 25 Female Villains Of All Time

25. Winifred Sanderson

From Hocus Pocus

24. Azula

From Avatar: The Last Airbender, Avatar: Legend of Korra

23. Queen Ravenna

From Snow White and the Huntsman

22. Yzma

From The Emperor’s New Groove

21. O-Ren Ishii

From Kill Bill

20. Wicked Witch of the West

From The Wizard of Oz

19. Samara Morgan

From The Ring Franchise

18. Agatha Trunchbull

From Matilda

17. Alien Queen

From The Aliens Universe

16. Catwoman

15. Jadis the White Witch

From The Chronicles of Narnia Franchise

14. Annie Wilkes

From Misery

13. Mother Gothel

From Tangled

12. Mystique

11. Other Mother

From Coraline

10. Poison Ivy

From Batman & Robin

9. Ursula

From The Little Mermaid

8. Hela

From The Marvel Universe

7. Regina George

From Mean Girls

6. Queen

From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

5. Cruella de Vil

From 101 Dalmatians

4. Maleficent

From Sleeping Beauty

3. Dolores Umbridge

From The Harry Potter Franchise

2. Cersei Lannister

From Game of Thrones

1. Bellatrix Lestrange

From The Harry Potter Franchise

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