Top 30 Amazon Must-Haves You Need Now!

Explore the top 30+ must-have items available on Amazon right now. From the latest gadgets to everyday essentials, these products are bound to become your new favorites.

A giant 1-pound Snickers bar, because the fastest way to anyone’s heart is to their stomach, and this will probably get there wayyyy faster than most.

A zodiac sign ring dish that make a perfect little V-Day pick-me-up for everyone on your squad, since even far apart your love for each other outshines the stars ✨.

A hot sauce gift box so the romance on the Zoom chat won’t be the only thing bringing the heat to their Valentine’s Day dinner.

A bottle of Mike’s Hot Honey for anyone who has a sweet *and* spicy tooth. Not only will this add a unique depth to their favorite dishes, it pairs quiiiite beautifully with all the Valentine’s Day fare (read: heart-shaped pizza, Ben & Jerry’s, and strawberries).

A Baby Yoda Bluetooth speaker complete with a lil’ strap so they can pin him onto their backpack and take him wherever they roam 😭. Pair it with a playlist full of romantic V-Day bops, and you’re raring to go.

A truly iconic tortilla blanket so the Chipotle fan in your life can achieve what is arguably the most romantic aspiration of them all: becoming a human burrito.

An “Among Us” composition book you can use both as a gift *and* an alibi β€” you couldn’t be the impostor! You were writing them socially distanced love letters in this gift the whole time!

A set of Bluetooth-connected long-distance touch bracelets you can pair so that when one of you is thinking of the other, you can tap the bracelet, and the corresponding one will vibrate and light up in the color of your choice 🌈.

A bunch of teensy macaron boxes they can use to add a little bit of Parisian romance to so many little corners of their life, whether it’s storing pills, jewelry, cash, or just as a cute display in a pastel room.

An entire platter of gummy sushi, because when it comes to Valentine’s Day candy, this is one of the most delicious ways to ~roll~.

A fill-in-the-blank book you can send them with references to all of the sweetest memories you have of each other, so you can spend Valentine’s Day reliving the magic ❀️.

A silicone Nutella AirPods case to gift in honor of their one true Valentine, which is, of course, anything with Nutella slathered on it.

A Drinking Animals Coloring Book complete with recipes for themed cocktails on each page, so you can spice up Zoom date nights by making matching Llamaritas together.

A spooky skull-shaped ice mold to let everyone know that y’all are taking the whole “ride or die” part of being each other’s Valentines seriously, no matter the distance.

A ginormous 1-pound bag of cereal marshmallows they’ll love so much that uhhh, whoops. It might actually emotionally replace you as their Valentine.

A Mickey Mouse-inspired wallet so they can put a little whimsy into running their errands with just enough room for coins, credit cards, and, of course, a lil’ photo of you.

A box of 100 conversation starters so your Valentine’s Day Zoom date night can be spent talking about something genuinely meaningful instead of just a cycle of, “Not much, how about you?” over and over again.

Plus a compact milk frother to make everything they drink taste like it was lovingly handcrafted by the Starbucks mermaid herself.

An affordable cooling weighted blanket made with natural glass beads on the inside with weighted pressure that some reviewers say helps with insomnia and anxiety β€” the perfect solution for snuggling when you can’t be there to snuggle them yourself!

A “Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me” pillowcase to keep you company (and keep all your hugging muscles flexed and raring to go for next time!).

A compact mini donut maker for anyone with a sweet tooth β€” truly, can you think of anything in this universe more swoon-worthy than a warm homemade donut?? I’ll wait.

A bathtub caddy that will turn their bathroom into an oasis. Pinot? Poured. Candle? Lit. That travel series where Zac Efron wears a ton of beanies? Queued. Now all they have to do is calmly explain to everyone that they live in a tub now.

A braided leather USB bracelet that’s (gasp) secretly also an iPhone charging cord, so they can tug it off to FaceTime you even when their battery is trying its best to die.

An Amazon Echo Show 5 enabled with a camera screen for calls, so you can keep all the people in your heart connected for some socially distanced cross-country chats.

A Bluetooth-enabled record player you can pair with a record that means something to both of you, whether it’s a concert date you went on or the album that has your ~couple song~ on it.

A smart LED lightbulb set they can sync with home devices like Alexa and Google Assistant (or just Bluetooth!) to finally get light at their *precise* Zoom happy hour aesthetic, whether it’s a group hang with their friends or a romantic one-on-one all lit up in red.

A mirrored skincare fridge they can use to store the serum, moisturizer, and jade roller they’ve come to love *almost* as much as you.

A variety pack of Reese’s candies for the person who doesn’t like random doodads but who will never say no to chocolate β€” especially peanut butter-laced chocolate.

A pair of Ugg Fluff Yeah slippers to treat their toes to some of the coziest cushioning on Earth.

A marble cheese slicer to level up your weekly charcuterie board dates even if your Two-Buck Chuck isn’t going anywhere fast.

An Amazon Echo Flex smart speaker for your partner or “special” friend so neither of you have to fumble around searching for the Spotify app on your phone when the mood strikes. πŸ˜‰

An admittedly cheesy but still really cute novelty tee emblazoned with everyone’s favorite Jedi master and a sweet little love note.

A vintage Kate Spade kettle caffeine drinkers are sure to adore. If they have a thing for matching sets, you can also get accent plates, mugs, trays and more in the same darling design.

An easy-to-learn board game that will have you tuning in to each other’s mental ~wavelengths~ and getting to know each other a little better with every round!

Or, if you want to double up on board games, Azul, a tile placement game that’s exceptionally pretty (it’s inspired by Moorish art) and super simple to pick up.

A plush donut pillow sure to win over any sweet-obsessed friends. If strawberry isn’t their favorite, donut worry β€” it also comes in chocolate.

A Dash mini waffle maker capable of making a ton of mouthwatering (and heart-shaped) meals from your basic waffles and hash browns to fancy paninis and even griddle pizzas.

A pair of light saber chopsticks for an out-of-this-world mealtime experience any Star Wars fan will love! A set comes with two pairs, so any food battles you two have can be settled the Jedi way.

A pancake breakfast gift basket for the loved one who really misses going out to brunch. Bring along some champagne and OJ for bonus points! Either way, they’ll have everything necessary to enjoy a delicious breakfast.

A house-shaped tissue box cover because the best gifts solve mundane problems, like transforming their unsightly tissue box into enviable decor.

And a deck of monochrome playing cards so they can ace their next game night, or make their next round of solitaire extra *aesthetic*.

Add a fun urban vibe to your wall with this unique fire escape shelf. From books to potted plants this shelf will add a unique touch to any home or apartment. Made from epoxy coated steel this 25.5 inch tall shelf if easy to install with included hanging hardware (7/32β€³ drill bit required).

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You still have time to beat the best gift-givers you know.

A vintagey 8-in-1 entertainment center that’ll do it all: play records, stream music from your phone via Bluetooth, record from vinyl, CD, or cassette directly to USB, AND play CDs, cassettes, aaaaand AM/FM radio.

The entire *extended* Lord of the Rings film trilogy on a whopping 15 discs, including almost two hours of extended movie content (plus 26 hours of bonus material) to get them obsessed β€” you could even say watching this once a year will become a ~hobbit~.

A dainty 14K gold–plated necklace with cubic zirconia in the shape of their zodiac sign’s constellation. Your giftee and this necklace? A pairing written in the stars.

A stylish acrylic block and set of sleek black knives, because this’ll really dress up your kitchen β€” and the bonus is they actually are really great knives too!

A nonstick Captain America waffle maker for extra super breakfasts β€” but don’t worry, the golden brown results will be much easier (and more pleasant) to chew than a vibranium shield.

A cozy pair of cable knit and faux fur-lined Bluetooth headphone earmuffs so you can jam out to your favorite songs while taking long winter strolls so you can feel like you’re in the most dramatic part of a Hallmark holiday film masterpiece.

Double-wall insulated rocks glasses that’ll look amazing sitting out on the bar cart, keep their drink cooler (or warmer, if they use ’em for coffee) longer, and DON’T SWEAT!

A Facetory sheet mask subscription box for the gift of relaxation & a little me time *AND* wow-I-didn’t-know-my-skin-could-feel-this-good hydration.

A spirit infusion kit to take ’em from rookie to mixologist in no time. Handcrafted pomegranate vodka? How do you sign up to be a taste tester…?

A charcuterie board that is what charcuterie board dreams are made of. IDK if you’ll be able to give this gift away…

A gorgeous set of tapestries for that person who knows the lunar phases like the back of their hand and swears Mercury is in retrograde.

A matching tie-dye lounge set because we are extending permanent loungewear into 2021 *bangs gavel*. Be the good friend and add to their ever-growing collection with this cutie set.

And why stop there? A pair of darling tie-dye socks that’ll become their new favorites, no doubt.

An industrial lamp with Edison bulbs and metal pipe base that’ll become the ~bright spot~ of their new WFH setup.

A beer cap map β€” a fun way to keep track of all the amazing craft brews they try. Finally! A fun place for their cap collection.

A sleek version of the infamous Squatty Potty that’ll help ’em position themselves (and their colon) properly for some major #2 efficiency. More poop-related gifts!

A hand lettering 101 book featuring detailed instructions for nine lettering styles that’ll teach them all the basics they need for some flawless penmanship. *Slowly chants*, bring back snail mail.

A modern jewelry box that’s compact but mighty. It features multiple compartments lined with a soft linen fabric for all of their small pieces, plus a ring roll for ultimate organization.

A fashion watch that only *looks* expensive so your wallet can be just as happy as them when they open this!

An oversized, 25-ounce prosecco glass that *computes math* is equivalent to one champagne bottle. Yup. I will let you figure out who needs this one.

Or a matching globe decanter and glass set to properly honor the greatest whiskeys of the world.

A glass teapot and blooming tea set they’ll want to use every day, it’s just that darling. It comes with a glass infuser making it perfect for loose teas, and is microwave and stove top safe!

A heavenly candle in possibly the cutest packaging β€” which, hey, makes gift-giving easier than ever. No wrapping here.

A set of silky-soft satin pillowcases designed to help keep their hair from frizzing, their skin from breaking out, and their dreams sweet.

A memory foam seat cushion to gift to the practical person, because there’s no better gift than the gift of comfort.

A multipack of geometric mesh socks so even their feet can work their best ~angles~. Who knew socks (SOCKS!) could be fancy???

Rainbow stainless-steel straws β€” they’re not only environmentally-friendly, but simply darling. What more could you want in $7 gift?!?

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