Top Funny Trends of 2022 Summer

Summer brings joy with many things other than swimwear and beaches, and in 2022 summer it is the same. Today in this article, we are talking about:

– some significant funny trends in fashion,
– TikTok,
– memes on Twitter and other places that marked the high towers this season,
– some funny events.

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Latest Funny Fashion Trends

What can be more fun in the summer than colorful flats while out and about during evenings in the summer breeze, which are more sweetheart styles than trends? Cropped vests and tank tops have been all the craze this season, with vests in many colors and designs, especially when walking around the beach or drinking cool iced smoothies with friends.

Summer is the perfect time to wear mini skirts with tops showing your belly button for a classy but sensual look. And finally, what can be more fun than micro-shades in geometric shapes to save your eyes from the scorching sunlight? Oversized shades are taking over with their hexagon and octagon shapes, making you look like That Girl, and you know we mean chic when we say it.

Summer Trends of TikTok

One of the latest trends in TikTok was people appreciating things and people they love, whether themselves, loved ones, or even their pets. If they are having fun while being around each other, “you’re enough.”

Another viral trend is calling their loved ones funny nicknames to burst into laughter while playing the “that’s not my name” track in the background. When someone makes us happy, we can’t help ourselves calling them out with something funny without hurting their feelings, especially if it’s your pet.

‘Get Dressed With Me’ is another viral and fun trend where regular people share their outfits for different occasions. These include trends like going to the beach, eating out, a party, or even funerals to give others fabulous and unique ideas the next time they face a difficult choice.

Content creators are showing off their new products or design on the track “This week, a hot new bombshell enters the villa!”. Even if it was just for a new reveal or recipe for the brand’s smoothie, none were shy to piggyback on this trend.

The Vogue Challenge was another great challenge where ordinary people edited their photos and selfies to look like they were on the cover of Vogue and the new hot thing. This added much creativity to TikTok shorts, and the trend went viral in a couple of hours.

If Vogue Challenge wasn’t enough, Album Cover took the stage for music lovers, where users would recreate themselves as if they were on the cover of their favorite artist’s album. Each user used their favorite song from that album to add a remarkable uniqueness to the trend.

Best Funnies Memes of 2022

People have a way of turning difficult phases and trends into something funny. This year Britain and the isles got to experience 40 centigrade making a new way for amazing memes. Declan Lawn tweeted, taking a wet towel and putting it into the freezer. When it freezes completely, he suggests you take the frozen towel to Belfast to reduce this scorching heat.

“What’s happening, Kammy” tweeted Chris Kamara when 50 ministers resigned, leading to Boris Johnson resigning from his post. Brits were happy that it was finally over. To his tweet, Kamara replied, ” I dunno, Jeff,” for the strangest and funniest scenarios leading Boris to step down.

It became more hilarious when Education Secretary Michelle Donelan threatened to resign if Boris didn’t leave within 24 hours, and right before the deadline, Boris sacked her. This led to funny outcomes, which we cannot share here.

Now the best trend on all social media platforms was memes which were the outcome of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock for bad-mouthing his wife. This happened on stage at the Oscars. People loved this as this was the most public presentation of a man losing his cool and slapping the other in front of the biggest global celebrities.

People couldn’t help making memes where both the celebrities are fighting each other as football players while another player, here shown as the oscar, is stopping them from fighting.

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