Top Tricks of the Best Makeup Artists Which You Must Know!

Makeup artists, here are a few tricks that can position you immediately amongst the niche category. Well, becoming a makeup artist is an easy job but being consistently creative and learning different techniques to leave your clients awestruck can be quite a challenging thing.

This is one of those fields which demands ingenuity on the go, and the ones with the tags of professional artists would have certainly dirtied their hands to get those titles for sure.

Well, you can enroll in a makeup artist course and become one of those but getting to know those tricks even before joining a course can be highly beneficial. In this write-up, we would take you through some of the unrevealed techniques which are greatly used by the artists who are into makeup artist jobs.

  1. Eye redness trick

If you are struggling hard to get rid of those eye redness on your client one of the tricks that quickly works from professional artists’ diary would be asking your client to use eye drops. The medicinal constituents present in the eye drops tighten the blood vessels preventing from redness. Well, while amateur makeup artists may be struggling, for a professional wedding makeup artist it’s a snap.

  1. Powder magic

Usually, a lot of amateur artists would use the primer, concealer and immediately apply a coat of foundation and the end result would be cakey leaving both you and the client disappointed. But, if you quickly go in for a coat of powder in between the primer and foundation, you would be able to achieve those brilliant looks instantly like a pro, and this technique would be learned efficiently from makeup artist school.

  1. Get instant glow using a beauty blender!

Well, check your makeup kit quickly, and if you are missing a beauty blender, you must immediately invest in one. Every professional makeup artist would always carry this spongy thing which helps you effectively apply foundation. The shape of this tool is such that it can work on all the contours of your face giving it an instant glow. Well, isn’t this a cool thing to be added to your makeup kit to become a pro freelance makeup artist?

  1. Trying hard for a naturally glowing skin looks

A lot of makeup artists try their luck to get the desired looks but fail miserably. Getting those natural glowing skin can be extremely tough at times and that can leave you disheartened as well. Using a cream blush or a bronzer underneath the foundation can actually keep your worries at bay. This is one of those coolest tips which a professional bridal makeup artist would never reveal.

  1. Understand the color theory

If you have ever thought of knowing, how to become a makeup artist,” you must first understand the concepts of color theory. This is what sets those niche and celebrity makeup artists apart from a lot of the ones who are certified amateurs yet. Failing to understand the color theory can cause a lot of disasters while performing the actual job.

Color theory needs to be understood by all makeup artists as it would help you to pick the right colored foundation, powder or blush according to the skin tones of the people you would be working with. This is one thing which every professional makeup artist would be experts at.

  1. Play with the eyeshadows

Most of the makeup artists follow a generic style while applying the eyeshadows on their clients. If you want to be a pro, you need to analyze the size and the shape of the eyes and then start working on them to get the desired looks.

For smaller eyes, it is always recommended to use the nude shades on the inner rims as it will open up the eyes. Along with this, it is mandatory to blend the eyeshadows upwards leading to the front of the eyebrows, and this would again highlight the eyes furthermore. Well, did you know about this technique? If not, try it today and check for the results!

  1. Powdered lips

The idea of wearing lipstick is to make your lips look bold and beautiful. But, what is that secret that can make them last longer? Here you go; use the lip liner, fill the lipstick and now using a tissue paper blot all the color and dab a little bit of powder. Now, repeat this process for 2 or 3 more times for those perfect luscious lips.

  1. Read the Red family properly

If you want to look young and charming, you must certainly use a couple or more coats of blush on the apple of your cheeks. Well, using any color would not create those looks. You must be proficient in using the hues of red properly. Pink is one such magical color which can make you look younger, so why not use them on your cheeks?

  1. Foundation tricks

To get that instant radiant skin, remember to blend your foundation with white eyeshadow. This can make your skin radiant and also luminous. If not white, you could also try mixing it with pearl eyeshadow, and this gives the same effect too. People with slightly dull complexion can try this trick as it instantly gives a brighter complexion. This sounds pretty cool, isn’t it?

Well, these are some of those professional makeup tricks which can immediately transform any amateur makeup guy into a professional makeup artist. Try them today at  and add those feathers in your hat!

Most of the amateur makeup artist would learn the art of creating those gorgeous looks only at a surface level but getting deeper and understanding the trade secrets is what makes you a professional makeup artist. One must know that being makeup artists requires high levels of creativity and in order to achieve that there should be a lot of efforts and dedication else, it would just make you a makeup man and not an “ARTIST”.

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