Turns out Santa Claus’s house is for sale on Zillow!!

Ol’ Saint Nick’s house was recently put on the market, or so Zillow says. The three bedroom/two bath cabin is described as a “Toy-lover’s paradise,” nestled on 25 idyllic acres at the North Pole – perfect for spirited reindeer games. The home, constructed in the 1800s of gorgeous old-growth timber logged on site, is steeped in old world charm but offers modern-day amenities, thanks to a 2013 renovation.”


But to roll in a luxury home fit for the jolly old man himself doesn’t come cheap.
The “Zestimate” for buying the home is $656,957, while renting will run you $3,300 a month.

Side note, that kitchen comes with an over with “12 different cookie settings.” so you know it’s good.


Zillow said in a press release that the home is priced according to “comparable homes in remote locations” with “a Santa premium.”







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