Uber Driver Pretends To Be Passenger’s Boyfriend To Save Her From Male Harasser


In an interview, Brandon told more about the event and his newfound popularity: “I wasn’t really prepared for the attention that this would bring, but I’m trying to “go with the flow”, for the most part. I think the overall message was clear: more people need to know that there are more ‘escape routes’ out there than most people know and I feel like we can do better.”

“It was the week of the yearly fair in our area,” Brandon went into detail about the day he pretended to be his client’s boyfriend to protect her. “A lot of people were out riding the rides, eating fair food (corn dogs, deep-fried everything, and generally all the food that is bad for your heart) and watching the bands play. It was later in the evening but the weather was beautiful, giving everyone more reason to be out.”

“My phone showed that I had a ride request, so I accepted. About a minute later, I got a message through the app that just said: “When you get here, can you pretend to be my boyfriend?” It sounded easy enough and I like being helpful. When I got there, my fare seemed very calm and collected. Her body language towards the guy gave off a very “stay right where you are, and I’ll be over here” vibe.”


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