Why Uncles Are The Best Family Member

This uncle nailed his nephews first birthday gift.

This uncle clearly plays favorites.

This uncle made a Jaws-inspired crib for his 2-month-old nephew.

Uncle Joe never loses his socks.

This uncle told his niece that her cupcake smelled weird. Then he booped it into her face.

When your uncle is clueless.

This uncle took advantage of his niece learning how to sign her name.

When your uncle finds a Halloween costume of himself.

This is how an uncle gave his nephew his graduation money.

These guys just became uncles to twins. First impressions are clearly important to them.


When your foreign uncle visits the states for the first time.

This uncle gets photos of his niece always sent to him, he likes to photoshop them and send them back.

This uncle had the best Christmas tree in the family.

When you let your uncle buy you a new pacifier.

When you have a gay uncle and he pays for a limo his niece and her friends. This is the card that came with the limo.

A couple went to the courthouse to get married, their uncle was the only one to show with only a few hours notice.

Uncle Randy coming through with a classic Christmas card.

This uncle is a chef at a 5-star restaurant, but when his nephew wants nuggets and mac & cheese, he gets exactly that.

Uncle convinces his niece that they have a marshmallow farm.

This uncle has a great sense of humor.

This kids parents forgot his birthday, so his uncle saved the day.

Grad gifts from uncles can get pretty creative.

When your uncles Holiday gift is really appreciated.

An email sent by a smart uncle.

A little photoshop never hurt anybody.

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