Unexpected Things Are All Around Us!

“My German Shepherd was having a false pregnancy, so I got her a puppy. She thinks it’s hers and the pup thinks she’s her mom and I’m never going to tell them different.”

Sometimes animals show tenderness as well as humans do.

Family isn’t always blood.

“This hotel near my house lit up their room lights like a smiley.”

He lost his wedding ring at sea a month after marriage and this man found it 10 days later!

“My wife and I rescued this small floof from inside a car.”

The community food pantry in Muthill

This boy is protecting the deer from the rain.

“Suzie is the fairy dog mother to little Eli and Lori.”

“Before and after I sign ‘good boy’ to my deaf dog”

“This math professor helps random people who want to learn math for free.”

Translation: “Free math classes”

Because even a tiny life matters.

This mother hen was found taking care of 2 small kittens in a snow storm!

“This capybara thinks it’s this cat’s bro.”

“My wife and I have been waiting for a picture like this for years. We’re overjoyed.”

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