Monday , 10 December 2018

The ‘Unwritten Rules’ of Society

There are some guidelines everyone in society should follow. That doesn’t mean they do. An AskReddit thread got down into the nitty-gritty of some of the basic unwritten rules for going about life.

“Don’t assume waitstaff are flirting with you! They are paid to be nice.”
– mokita_archetypes

“Are you getting passed on the right? Yes? Cool, get the fuck out of the passing lane.”
– Mclarencj

“When using a public restroom don’t piss all over the seat.”
– -eDgAR-

“If you’re pissed about something at a store like an item being out of stock, or not getting helped immediately because all the employees are busy, or having to wait one second while an employee checks where something is. Please Please Please don’t throw an adult temper tantrum directly at the person earning $10 an hour who had no control over the situation.”
– znoopyz

“Don’t play your music have earphones. I swear some people have no fucking clue.”
– D-Money1999

“You don’t try to look at your neighbor’s junk at the urinal.”
– Spektor0925

“If I’m pulling out of a parking space and you plan on parking in that space give me enough room to actually reverse out of that space without hitting your car.”
– guest137848

“If an elevator door is opening make way for whoever was in there first to get out before entering, this really doesn’t have to be pointed out…”
– BingoBingo1999

“Your phone can take landscape video. Use it.”
– Robtimus_prime89

“Don’t stand two inches from the fucking conveyor belt at the baggage pickup in the airport. When everyone does this, people at the back get left out and can’t see if their baggage is coming.”
– ClawTheBeast

“Don’t point out things about someone that will clearly make them uncomfortable.. “you have a pimple” “looks like you gained a few pounds” “you need your roots touched up” “is that tooth crooked” (try teaching your kids this before they grow up to become that guy)”
– DJesslynngarr

“Always leave a one-urinal buffer zone.”
– Sumtinkwrung

“If a person shows you a picture on his phone, don’t try to go through his fucking camera roll without his permission.

As the person showing the picture, slightly enlarge the photo so you have more time to react.”
– Wafflecakeandbacon

“Have your money (or at least your wallet) out before you get to the checkout.”
– Sportywhisper

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