Why More and More of Us Are Flirting with Foreigners

Tourism is one of the world’s most popular leisure activities. People from all over the globe share an interest in exploring different countries. Why? Because there’s nothing more stimulating than dipping into exciting new cultures, savoring exotic cuisine, experiencing rich historic heritage; and above all, meeting alluring people from these distant locations. They may speak unusual languages but are otherwise very similar.

Actually, there is one thing better than simply traveling to fabulous landscapes and meeting their inhabitants. That’s getting to know them on a far more intimate basis.

Why Flirt with Foreigners?

Whether you’re a guy or a girl does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve spotted a gorgeous-looking individual and you decide you’d like to get to know them better. You start a conversation with some casual question. But the friendly reply is in a captivating foreign accent that positively oozes with mystery and charm.

The Flirt.com recent research revealed that 31% of USA internet daters loved flirting with our Canadian friends. This trend is mirrored elsewhere, with French and Italians also raising blood pressure. You can bet your bottom dollar (or any other currency of choice) that this desire for communication will cover every possible nationality, from Lithuanians to Cypriots, Swiss to Faroe Islanders. Truly, love knows no boundaries.

So why should one-third of Americans looking for romance be turning to Brits or Australians? That’s an easy one. Much as hearing a husky Latino burr or an ice-cool Scandinavian lilt can make the listener weak at the knees, language barriers can occasionally lead to misunderstandings or frustration at not being able to understand basic messages. If your internet date is chatting to you from Melbourne or London you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. You’re having racy chat with someone who is not only culturally interesting but your common language means you can flirt to your heart’s content. And you’ll never be in danger of asking what really turns them on only for you to mistranslate this into something totally random to do with filing cabinets.

Gender Trends

As the image reveals, where heavy flirting across national boundaries is concerned, when it comes to teasing males or females some countries attract an even split. With others, there’s more of an imbalance. Take the USA. Although 21% of UK respondents admitted they loved getting to know Americans, far more guys were doing so – around 70%. Although the survey itself didn’t drill down into actual reasons, it’s not that hard to hazard a guess. Think of those cheerleaders that accompany any big American sporting event. Once associated with cheesy entertainment at a high school, those high-kicking females on the sidelines have become big business, and the participants are vivacious women who don’t just tick various boxes, they festoon them with ticker tape and a fanfare. Think agile, athletic, curvaceous, enthusiastic, racy, provocative, sophisticated; and any one of the catchier slogans they use in their routines.

International Flirting Techniques

Another trend that wasn’t expanded upon was the preferred method. But it’s no secret that anyone who uses an online dating service to hook up with like-minded partners is most likely wondering what the object of their desire would look like in 3D rather than just 2D. Building up a rapport with the beautiful girl on your screen is one thing. But to actually meet in the flesh – metaphorically and, hopefully, physically – would take the mutual attraction to a higher level. This is the very essence of international flirting. It is all about building up an intimate connection with the type of person you simply wouldn’t be able to meet in any other walk of life. Your local nightspot probably contains a few people you might recognize from school, which is surely the antithesis of beguiling encounters with sexy individuals from far more glamorous locations.

The worldwide web has made it possible to text or video chat with someone from the furthest corner of the planet. Countries you’ve scarcely heard of can be approached via your browser. What are you waiting for? An exotic world brimming with exciting possibilities lies at your fingertips.

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