Utility In Style: 14 Epic Culinary Presents

Discover 14 kitchen gifts that seamlessly blend luxury aesthetics with practical functionality.

A mini KitchenAid stand mixer so they can live out all of their Great British Baking Show dreams. It comes with over 10 attachments that can mix up doughs for fresh-baked cookies so they can save all their arm strength for actually eating them.

waffle maker that adjusts the temperature as it cooks so they can leggo their Eggo and have perfectly fluffy waffles every time.

Or a Nespresso Vertuo so they can stop wasting money on those daily morning latte runs and finally start making their own caffeinated concoctions at home. Their wallet will be eternally grateful.

An electric indoor grill so they can enjoy delicious burgers, hot dogs, and grilled veggies 👏 all 👏 year 👏 long. The grill plate is completely removable, so it’s also extremely easy to clean.

device to turn frozen fruit into a creamy soft-serve dessert so they can curb a sweet tooth without all the extra sugar.

Nutribullet with powerful blades that can whip up basically anything they throw at it. Protein smoothies for breakfast? Homemade soup for dinner? Frozen margs for dessert?! This has it covered.

This extremely sleek acrylic block and 17-piece set of black knives that looks straight from the future. It even comes with a knife sharpener to keep them as sharp as the day they open them.

nitro cold brew maker that dispenses bubbly, frothy caffeinated goodness with the simple pull of the lever.

Or! An electric cold brew maker so they can whip up a batch in just 24-45 minutes instead of the usual 12-24 hours. All my impatient iced coffee drinkers, rejoice!

A seven-in-one Instant Pot because, yes, it actually lives up to the hype. Whether they’re slow cooking their favorite soup or looking to whip up some homemade yogurt, this magical pot does it all.

set of truffle-infused hot sauces for the person who likes it spicy and sophisticated. The set comes with three bottles in increasing levels of hotness, so they can pick how adventurous they’re feeling that that day.

meat thermometer that connects to their smartphone to track the temperature and give them estimated cook times so they can take their steak game to the next level.

Or an electric gooseneck kettle that can get their water to the exact temperature they prefer and keep it there for 60 minutes, which is perfect for the person who takes their coffee way too seriously.

voice-controlled microwave so they can shout, “Alexa, microwave for two minutes” and truly feel like they’re living in the future.

 fancy smart mug that will keep their coffee, tea or other hot beverage of choice at the perfect temperature. It lasts for 90 minutes on a single charge, and if they have enough self-control to make a cup of coffee last longer than that, I simply cannot relate.

And a high-tech sous vide that connects to their smartphone so they’ll never under/overcook their food again.

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