Valentine’s Day Mishap: Unsuccessful Attempts At Romance

“She Left Me For Another Woman On Valentine’s Day”

“You Know It’s Valentine’s Day When All The Ladies’ Razors Are Sold Out”

“The Ice Cream Cake I Ordered For Valentine’s Day Said “I Love You” But Some Of The Letters Fell Off During Transit”

“So, I Got My Wife A Balloon For Valentine’s Day”

“My Pup Decided To Help Me Get Extra Sexy For My Wife For Valentine’s Day”

“Girlfriend Called Dominos To Send Me A Surprise Heart-Shape Valentine’s Day Pizza While I’m On A Business Trip”

“What I Found The Day After Valentine’s Day”

“Went To Panda Express With My Girlfriend For Valentine’s Day”

“Happy Valentine’s Day. When Your Sweet Husband Thinks He Should Hide Flowers Overnight In The Car. Guess Whose Roses Froze And Are Sitting In An Ice Block”

“My Friend Owns A Florist Shop, And She Posted Her And Her Employees’ Hands From The Week Of Valentine’s Day”

“Beautiful Flowers I Got My Wife From Pro Flowers For Valentine’s Day”

“Coworkers Made Each Other Paper Hearts For Valentine’s Day And I’m Literally The Only One In My 12-Person Office That Didn’t Have One Made For Them”

“Went To The Grand Canyon For Valentine’s Day. It Was Awesome”

“My Partner And I Both Got Food Poisoning On Valentine’s Day. I Had Bad Sushi, And My Girlfriend Accidentally Had Gluten. We’re Taking Turns In The Hotel’s Bathroom”

“Well, That Was A Quick Valentine’s Day’

“My Kid Got This In A Valentine’s Day Goodie Bag At School. It’s A Crayon”

“So 1800 Flowers Forgot To Include Flowers In My Order. Now They Refuse To Refund Me My Money”

“The Valet Driver For The Hotel I Stayed At With My Girlfriend For Valentine’s Day Decided To Take My Car For A Joy Ride”

“After tipping him he specifically said, “don’t worry, I got your baby”. Then he proceed to run my car up a curb later that day.”

“For Our Valentine’s Tea, My Little Girls Wanted Chicken Nuggets. I Made These From Scratch. They Were Supposed To Be Love Hearts”

“Just Got My Valentine’s Day Gift. Thank You Shari’s Berries And UPS”

“A Failed Confession On Valentine’s Day”

“This Is What I Walked Into On Valentine’s Day”

“Yes, robbed. I left for dinner and came back to this. Everything was taken out and thrown on the floor. I also carried stuff from my small family business, so the estimated loss was over $6000+. I also can’t find my used underwear and some of my clothes.”

“My Cat Waking Me Up In The Middle Of The Night For Me To Discover He Ate The Rose Buds Off My Valentine’s Plant I Got Myself”

“Happy Valentine’s Day Pizza Pack”

“Girlfriend Bought A Valentine’s Day Gift Box For Me And Was Not Too Happy”

“I Made This Cake For Valentine’s Day, And My Boyfriend Hasn’t Showed Up. If He Keeps Saying He’ll Come The Next Day And Then Cancel, I’m Gonna Have To Throw It Away”

“Bought My Wife This Valentine’s Day Basket From A Local Homeschooled Kid, Completely Forgetting That She Started The Keto Diet The Day Before”

“My Friend, One Of The Nicest People I Know, Waited On A Couple On Valentine’s. They Left Him This”

“Getting Plowed On Valentine’s Day”

“My Valentine’s-Themed School Lunch”

“The Canvas For My Partner’s Valentine’s Day Gift Arrived Today”

“Expectation: Cute Red Handprint Valentine From The Baby. Reality: Accidental Horror Valentine I Probably Won’t Be Sent To The Grandparents”

“Copying A Supermarket Best Seller To Impress Your Husband On Valentine’s Day”

“There Was An Attempt To Make A Romantic Valentine’s Dinner”

“Casually Cooking Valentine’s Day Dinner”

“I’m Working Late Tomorrow And Thursday So Putting In Some Early Work For Valentine’s Day. Top-Notch Effort On The Heart-Shaped Balloons ASDA”

“Hired A House Cleaner To Surprise The Wife For Valentine’s Day. Cleaner “Cleaned” My Cast Iron”

“Valentine’s Day Flowers. Reality vs. Product Photo”

“Bought A Single $4 Rose To Brighten Up My Desk For Valentine’s Day, And Tried To Remove The Inexplicable Tag”


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