Very Interesting Photos

Daphne Sheldrick has dedicated her life to raising orphaned elephants. Once they are old enough, they are taken to protected areas and integrated with other orphan groups. When Daphne visits, the elephants gather around her for a hug

Willie Nelson’s guitar after 48 years of use

Extreme waves in the North Sea

A sad tombstone from 1875

Soldiers from the USS Iwo Jima taking a dip in the Gulf of Aden during a break

Invisible Women

This drawing was made 700 years ago by a 7-years-old boy named Onfim who lived in Novogrod

Wheel Repair

Arizona firefighters fighting fire across the border

These two women are twins; biological sisters parented by white father and half-Jamaican mother.

Wind driven sphere of bamboo and biodegradable plastic designed to clear land mines

A boxing match between two marines from 116 years ago

63 years of aircraft development

Brutally honest obituary

A Vanagon

A picture and diagram of H. H. Holmes’ murder hotel, a specially designed building for killing. It contained gas chambers, torture rooms, secret passages, trap doors and ovens. It is estimated he killed 200 people in this building)

This 3D Map Shows How Much You Must Earn to Buy a Home in 27 Major U.S. Metros

“Not just because you have been a great Vice President, but because in the bargain, I gained a brother.” — POTUS

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