Very Interesting Pictures

Black dot upper left is Mercury passing infront of the Sun

The “Judas Opening”. A peephole in the door of the gas chamber, through which guards and V.I.P.s could enjoy watching the death agonies of their helpless, defenseless victims at the Mauthausen concentration camp

Man looking for a wife in 1865

Disney rejection letter to woman who applied for job in 1930’s

McLaren Factory

Kwame Ajamu, man freed after being falsely imprisoned for 27 years, being told he is a free man by a judge

Would you spend 27 years in prison for $4.1 million?

Traffic In China

The Smog Is Really Bad In China

600 000 russians waiting for Rammstein – 7th biggest concert ever

Rammstein puts on one of best concerts in the industry

A movie theater in London

This Vietnamese building is a hub. Each balcony is a different cafe or restaurant

A selfie in the police van by young Russians arrested at the anti-corruption rally yesterday

One-legged US Army Special Forces soldier in Afghanistan

North Korean conference room

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